Watercolor Painting

The question of today is drawing with watercolors. Many, when confronted with watercolor, prefer to bypass it, since this paint is flowing and it is incredibly difficult to cope with it. However, do not be afraid. As they say, the devil is not so terrible as he is painted. In order to create a drawing with watercolors you will need: - a pencil and an eraser; - brushes - it is best to take brushes made of artificial material (synthetic) and different “calibers"; - two a sheet of paper - one for a drawing, the second - for trying paint. It is desirable that she was specialized in watercolor; - a can of water; - a drawing tablet. If you want to make a drawing with watercolors using the “wet” technique, then it is better to take the glass, since the moistened sheet of paper will fit closer to it and will not dry out any longer. In addition, this technique requires a sponge to wet the format; - masking tape or digging to fix the format on the tablet. I prefer masking tape as it holds well, does not spoil the paper and is easy to use; - and, of course, we need a palette.Where is the artist without her? Now let's start. First you need to draw a drawing on a piece of paper using a pencil and an eraser. I decided to draw a flower:
 draw a flower
Now we undertake watercolor. Here it is important to act correctly and change water frequently. What does it mean to act correctly? Taking up the brush, you need not just "wetted it - dipped it into the paint - poked it on the paper." It is necessary to moisten the brush thoroughly, without squeezing it, to type paint, moisten it again in water and only now you can start painting on paper. It is best to start with the basic elements of the key object. For example, I first began to draw the inflorescence. I took the main color first - orange, and then added lemon yellow and mixed colors, getting rid of the effect of clear boundaries.
 main color is orange
In the same way I draw all the leaves and backgrounds.
 draw all the leaves and background
So that the paint does not spread on the sheet and does not mix without need among themselves,you just need to remember one rule: draw the border of the image smoothly, without taking your hands off and before you start applying the paint on the other side of the border, you first need to let it dry. However, it is not worth worrying, if the colors are mixed, because the watercolor is beautiful, and that any drawback in it is beautiful and can be executed at any time during the creation of the drawing.
 watercolor drawing
Now you can modify the background. Do not immediately try to make it perfect. It is important to apply only basic paint. Small details should be avoided, especially if they need to be clear.
 drawing with watercolor
So, my flower is painted, the background is done. It remains only to correct some blots, shortcomings, add dark colors in places, remove the tape and modify the corners. Everything is ready.
watercolor drawing
Lastly, I would like to say that, like any art, watercolor requires constant exercise. But at the same time, it is not so difficult to master this technique.First of all, for the execution of watercolor drawings need to have patience and humility. For what - you will understand, starting to draw. So, I wish you success!

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