Walking: how much you need to walk per day for health

Walking: how much you need to walk per day for health

Walking: how much you need to walk per day for health

Today, the streets are flooding with an abundance of vehicles. People sit behind the wheel of the prestigious "Mercier" or humpback "Zaporozhtsy", just to not walk. And, seeing pedestrians hurrying about their business, many smile smugly or sympathetically nod their heads, leaning on the steering wheel.


But who needs more pity? Maybe it was because of this that our ancestors were healthier, stronger, stronger? However, when discussing a topic such as walking, one should not go to extremes, highly overestimating or, on the contrary, underestimating its benefits.


How long does it take to lose weight?


Since walking seems to be the easiest and most affordable way to get exercise, many people care how you can lose weight with it. The expression "the more - the better" let him remain a lot of ignorance. When answering, we must bear in mind that burning calories during quiet walking is a process that is too slow for those who do not want to wait for tangible results for a long time.


Just some 300 kcal you spend on a two-kilometer walk. Therefore, the average speed of your walk should be 6-7 km / h, and the duration - at least half an hour. How many kilometers you will overcome during this time depends on your fitness and individual characteristics of the organism.


Wellness walk


Walking treatment is advisable not only when overweight, but also for the body weakened by illness or age-related involutive changes. The essence of this physical exercise in the optimal relationship between speed and distance. This makes the risk of injury minimal, and in fact for people of old age and inclined to corpulence, this is especially true.


Restrictions on the place, type of track, time of day for the start of treatment walking practically does not exist. The benefits of walking at the initial stage of treatment depend on the control of pulse, respiration, frequency of steps and their length.

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