Virtual love: is it possible?

What is virtual love? Some 15-20 years ago, no one could suspect the existence of such a phenomenon, because, in fact, it did not exist. Does virtual love exist today? It is difficult to answer this question, as well as in an accurate definition of its main essence, because even the concept of real love, for many, is something incomprehensible and inexplicable.

Love encompasses all senses, obscures the brain, a person ceases to perceive what is happening adequately, his only and important goal is to see, feel and touch his beloved person.

Where to look for love

Virtual love has appeared on the expanses of the world wide web, now it is not necessary to fall in love with a colleague at work or a classmate, because the possible circle of communication is not limited to your habitat, it can spread even to the remotest pieces of our planet.

About this concept there is a huge number of disputes and gossip, someone believes that virtual love has a large number of real advantages, while others, on the contrary, are set up negatively and see the continuous disadvantages of this phenomenon.But really? Does it have such a right to exist and should it be considered an important part of modern life?

One can argue on this topic for a long time and give a lot of arguments and refutations, but we have to admit: virtual love is an amazing manifestation of virtual communication, which has already become part of this process, which, by the way, is incredibly popular today, especially among young people. What is the basis of such love? How can it even exist? Everything is very simple.

Words are the main weapon of such a phenomenon, the words and emotions that they are able to cause in communicating, what is most interesting, they often see much more behind these words than the person actually wanted to convey.

Virtual love is a kind of a fairy tale, which is subjected to the general “writing” of two people, and it is in it that each participant in the conversation can appear as a “beautiful prince” or “beautiful princess”, but by anyone, and, best of all, you can never learn.

Sometimes worth the risk

Usually in the network of such romantic "adventures" lonely people who search for communication or some feelings, peoplewho have already achieved some success in the novels and relationships, but for some reason were disappointed in their existence. It all starts with the usual throwing banal phrases and, gradually, the man himself does not feel how strongly he became attached to his interlocutor.

What is virtual love?

Such a strange phenomenon even acquired its own classification, which is based on the initial motives of dating and the emergence of communication.

  • Love from boredom. It is not uncommon for married women or married men who may have a happy family, children and a successful career are subject to this phenomenon. Everything is good, but something is wrong, boring and gray. And here comes a dating site or a social network, where for some 15-20 minutes you can find a like-minded person or just a pleasant person with whom you can chat about everything. Such communication can last more than one month, and usually ends with the fact that one of the interlocutors understands that meetings in real life are superfluous, and he no longer sees further developments.
  • For sexual satisfaction. It all starts the same way as in the previous paragraph, but it all ends after the first meeting, it's so convenient: to find the “victim”, so to speak, without leaving home.
  • Random.In this case, there is something to wait for; it is quite possible that such virtual love will even end in real relationships in life. Usually, it begins with the usual communication, where none of the interlocutors pursue certain goals, and, over time, people realize that they have strong feelings, emotions, and attitude.

What waits there, behind the monitor screen?

Many people are skeptical about this kind of phenomena, really, is it worth believing some “young and pretty Vasya from Moscow, a big businessman and a bachelor”, because it is quite possible that at the opposite end of the dialogue sits a 50-year-old man with a beer belly and not the purest intentions.

Indeed, risk cannot be avoided here, but is it worth it to go into something like that at all? In fact, it should be noted that such virtual communication and feelings that are tied to your interlocutor are always real, because you really experience emotions, different, joy or sadness, excitement or depression, but all this is very good.

The sadness is that the emotions are real, but you only feel them not to the person, but rather to the image that he managed to create for you in the chat.

If people who have been rewritten have never seen each other in reality, then many pitfalls can trap them, and embellished images are just one of the few. Let's say your virtual "relationships" are developing dynamically, you've already discussed a lot and you might even think that you already know this person for so long!

Do not take everything to heart

And all would be nothing, but you are deprived of the opportunity to touch, smile, hug or kiss, and these are very important aspects of normal relations. And, what is most offensive, it is quite possible that you will never be able to feel this, because the longer the virtual communication takes longer, the less chance there is of a real meeting.

And this means that all your "walks under the moon" and "romantic encounters" - and will remain only a figment of your imagination and imagination. In the end, all the same broken heart, disappointment and sadness, because a gap, even a virtual one, is always hard and painful, and all this time there were years and youth ...

But not everything is so sad, the consequences of virtual love are not always so disappointing: psychologists say that in this way you can find your true love, marry and live your whole life in a happy marriage! But how to avoid disappointment, is it possible to arrange your personal life through chats and social networks?

It's very simple: do not pull with a real meeting, in a few weeks you can not form in your head that "ideal image of a hero or a princess", which you yourself will decide. When you meet, you will be able to understand whether it makes sense to continue any communication, including virtual communication, or this person is definitely not for you, and therefore you should not spend time on it.

The distance does not interfere

If there is no possibility to meet in the near future, for example, the interlocutors live on different ends of the planet, then video chats are better than regular correspondence, webcams are now available to almost everyone. Try to be honest and open with your interlocutor, communicate on a wide variety of topics, ask more questions about life, and sometimes these questions can be repeated and compared answers.

If you notice that the interlocutor always answers something new, then, quite possibly, you are dealing with a person who is trying to make up a false image in your head.

Virtual love is, in fact, a good phenomenon, which, however, should be properly used, remember that real feelings and emotions can never be replaced by virtual ones.

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