Video of the day: Versus Battle by Sergey Shnurov and Ivan Urgant

Who is more keen on the language, masterly rhymes and doesn’t get into your pocket once more: Ivan Urgant or Sergey Shnurov? Let's not guess, let's find out better by watching the battle of TV host and frontman of the Leningrad group in the parody release of the Rap Battle Versus Battle (a popular online show in which rap and hip-hop artists compete with each other), which was arranged in the framework of the program "Evening Urgant". Let the battle be also a parody, the heroes and old friends did not regret each other - for a few minutes they expressed everything they thought: the first one put it so that his opponent lays on everything, like a flock of pigeons, the second reminded about the bad musical experience ... Well and, we hope that there is no need to explain what word was written on the neck of Ivan Urgant?

The judge was judged by the real judge of Versus Battle, Alexander Timartsev, also known as the Restaurant Man.

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