Very cute and delicate bags, decorated with elegant embroidery

Some seamstresses manage to create most of the clothes themselves, spending money only on shoes and accessories. This craftswoman has proven that you can create an interesting handbag yourself. The girl sews her work from burlap, complementing the leather trim and voluminous embroidery with floral motifs.

Very often in the works of the craftswoman you can see neat bouquets of wildflowers. Inspiration needlewoman scoops in nature. Seeing something beautiful, she takes a photo and transfers the image to her canvases.

Sometimes it all starts with embroidery. In the workshop of the girl there are a lot of blanks that someday become part of the next fashion accessory.

In other cases, some interesting thing inspires for the next job. Embroidery decorated ready-made handbags and clothing.

In the master's collection there are bags of different sizes: from small reticulums to suitcases for traveling.Popular are rectangular models with pleats and belt trim. The highlight of each accessory is a unique hand-made embroidery.

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