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“Even if the skies were shorter than my knees, I would not kneel.” ― Cyrus the Great

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave me a message here if you have any comments or concerns that I have to know. :)

I'd be super glad to help starting a Persian WikiHow! and appreciate any help. If you're in, then leave me a message here please.

If you join, add {{Persian wikiHow Project}} to your User page.


At 00:09, Sep 22, 2019


Aw thank you, Mandana :) I'm so delighted to hear that. Your breathtaking words touched my heart and brightened my day. I love when people are kind to me so I always try to be a kind person in return so other people feel the same way I do :)

At 00:11, Sep 22, 2019


Aaaaaack, sorry. I completely forgot to respond .-.

I'm doing well, thanks :) School's going pretty well, too. How are you?

At 08:13, Sep 22, 2019


سلام و روزتون بخیر حتما اینکارو میکنم و هر چقدر خودم هم بتونم از مقالات و پروژه ها میذارم البته این مدت خیلی شلوغم اما آنلاین بودنم حتمیه 😊 موفق و پیروز باشین

At 15:34, Sep 22, 2019


Aw, Mandana, thank you so much! I'm at a loss for words. :) It's been so wonderful working with you and it always brightens my day to see you and many great contributors being so hardworking, kind and compassionate. It makes wikiHow very special for me. I think it would be such a delightful pleasure to meet you as well and look forward to it. Thank you very much for your kind thoughts and hard work!!

At 15:38, Sep 22, 2019


At 15:50, Sep 23, 2019


Hey Mandana,

Thanks so much for sending over your concerns! I think it's great you're such a good advocate for the Persian culture :)

I don't think anyone here does think that Persian and Arabic people are the same. The search algorithms we use just come from an outside search engine that tries to offer readers a range of options related to their key terms. For me on that search you linked to, most of the options are related to Persian people or culture. I see one option on the first page that relates to Arabic men. I'm not certain why it shows up, but I believe the search providers determine this kind of thing using a range of factors, and that isn't under our control, I'm afraid. Part of the problem might just be that we don't *have* a ton of articles about Persian customs or people - so it includes only semi-related topics when it runs out of actually related ones. If you want to dive in and write more articles about Persian topics, the results might well get better :)

I'll be honest that I don't know much about the gardening topic. I did do a search for "Persian Garden," and that looks like it's a term used somewhat frequently as it's written. Check out , for example. You can also see what people search for, at - Persian garden is a much more common search term than Farsi Garden. I can't comment on how accurate it is as a term, but the fact folks are looking for it and the fact Wikipedia has an article on it suggest that it might be a whole "thing" that people look for, rather than just a descriptive term.

Perhaps it would help to reach out to the original author and find out what their goal was? They have a long history of writing on the wiki, so there may be a reason they worded it that way, but I'm sure you guys can work it out. They're not super active lately but it still might be worth a note - you can find them at or at their alternative username .

At 19:33, Sep 23, 2019


Awww! I'm speechless <3 I do truly hope the friendship can continue in person...

At 15:16, Sep 29, 2019


It's okay :) Are you enjoying school, though?

At 18:11, Sep 29, 2019


No prob on the delay - never any rush to reply :)

I can understand your position on the gardening topic, but do feel that if "Persian garden" is a phrase/"thing" that people are actually searching for, it might not make sense to change it to something general that they're not looking for or won't recognize. Like the intro says, "The terms "Arabic, Islamic, or Persian" are used broadly throughout this article to capture a wide historical period of development of the garden style." If you have concerns, though, reaching out to the author sounds like a good idea!

At 21:48, Sep 29, 2019


So glad to hear that! :) By the way I noticed that you'd been messaging with . That is wonderful--and he seems a great contributor! Plus, we both love water ;)

At 16:13, Oct 07, 2019


Hi! So nice to hear from you! It's okay, no worries :) Just write when you can! Wonderful that you also love the water. Have you gone swimming or anything like that? Swimming and the ocean helps me find peace and happiness :)

At 20:46, Oct 09, 2019


Hey Mandana, no worries, I completely understand. That always comes first. Best of luck! :)

At 20:48, Oct 09, 2019


PS You're like me, I hate water pollution :'( I hope your busy doesn't bum you out too much, and that you enjoy the exam! I've also not been on as much, a lot on my mind.

At 18:30, Oct 10, 2019


سلام بله مدتی درگیر تولید هستم

At 17:50, Oct 14, 2019


Hey Mandana! Thank you for writing me. Like you, I've been pretty swamped lately -- still getting used to all the life changes. I just had a few minutes to check wikiHow, so that's why I'm answering right now :) But it's quite exciting! Give me a few hours to days and I'll write you the longer reply that you deserve. Sorry, I've just been behind on answering everyone since this week has been so busy.

At 03:22, Oct 15, 2019


Sorry to hear it's a tough time, Mandana! Hope everything settles soon and gets better. It's great that you're learning and growing for your exam.

I'm not an expert with the piano, but we have a lot of articles on goals. Maybe write an article about places you've been to - what are some? Many travel articles do not exist.

"I'm a little scared for the university entrance exam! I think i'm over-studying!!! Do you think it's a bad thing?"

Studying enough is necessary but it's important to take breaks. So sorry to hear you're scared - understandable feeling. I wish you the best of luck!

At 08:30, Nov 10, 2019


At 02:14, Nov 13, 2019


Hello Mandana! How have you been? How are things in Iran...AND how did your exams go?

At 05:28, Nov 24, 2019


I remember you recommended that I go to Dubai, by the way...back a few months ago. I'm still thinking about it when I get older, and I'm just very interested in the Arab world and their culture. :)

If you have time, I highly recommend writing an article about how to plan a trip to Dubai and enjoy it! It will help me, too.

At 20:58, Dec 21, 2019


Hi Mandana!

Where have you been? You don't need to apologize for the late reply if it happens, so feel free to just omit the "I'm sorry" because I am really understanding. I completely understand if you're busy, but I hope you come back and check in when you're free :) I've been thinking about you a lot lately, actually, and remembering how kind and lovely you were to me.

I just wanted to say a big thank you, once again, for the lovely Barnstar you gave me a few months ago. I know I already said this, but with 2019 arriving soon I'm in a very reflective mood today for all the beautiful moments of this year. On top of it, I don't think enough words can truly encapsulate how much I appreciate it. I felt so very loved and appreciated when I got it, and I was so glad to know that I made such a positive impact on you :) My goal, as long as I live, is to impact people positively, be selfless, and share the gift of love and positivity and to touch as many people's lives as I can.

When you can, tell me about how the testing went, and what it's like in Iran right now in general. I love learning about your culture, it's part of my family too. I hope you are doing well and have a wonderful end to 2019!

Sorry if I'm flooding your talk page!

At 12:44, May 03, 2019


when i first read it it was so good that i saved it to my hard drive.

At 23:17, Jun 18, 2019


Hey, caught ya! :D I haven't seen you in a long time! How have you been?

At 18:56, Jul 22, 2019


Hi!! Noooooo worries at all! Thanks for your lovely note. I'm a little busy too! I'll write back soon!! Love you too!

At 01:53, Jul 23, 2019


Heyyyy Mandana! Responding to every bit now :)

"A lot of things have changed since that last time we talked and I’m so sorry I couldn’t respond to your messages at the right time. In fact, it may be too late. I hope not. I was planning to write you. But then, out of the blue, I got super busy with everything and forgot about wikiHow, and that how much i loved to write here."

Again, don't worry about it. That happens to a lot of people. I sometimes forget about good things like that, but I like to be reminded of them :) And it's sweet that you decided to come back after so long.

"I really missed you and everyone here. Sarah, Alex, Anna, etc. You and others were all so nice to me and it’s a shame that I couldn’t respond to your kind messages for such a long time. There was a time when my life turned into a big mess and I couldn’t manage the wikiHow stuff anymore. I hope you understand."

Yes, I completely understand. I missed you a lot too and wondered where you were. I'm glad you reached out to let me know you're alive and going.

Please, remember, this is all volunteer. No apologies needed for doing less. There are no deadlines or obligations, remember that. But we missed you very much!

"But after all, I’ve got some good news you may want to know. I just got my IELTS this March! Can you believe it? My score was 7.5. Do you remember when you were trying to help me with English? Well guess it worked! I’m studying German right now. Because I’m planning to go to Germany and study medicine there. Do you remember when being a neurologist was my dream? It’s a goal now! :D"

So proud of you!!! Keep going with your goal, you'll do great.

"What about you? How is life? I hope everything’s better than ever. I’m looking forward to your reply."

Yes I'm great! Staying busy and enjoying traveling and life.

Hope to hear from you soon, keep in touch,


At 01:56, Jul 23, 2019


I saw that you wrote Alex too--he's in Japan right now! So don't worry if it takes him a bit to reply, but I think he's doing well.

At 21:38, Jul 25, 2019


Hi Helen! Thank you so much for writing me :) I've been busy and out and about so sorry for the delay. I just saw the last part of your message: "I hope you don’t think of me as a careless, irrespective random girl who’s making excuses. Lol. Cause I’m really not!" No. I don't know why I would think that, I never have. It breaks my heart that you're worried I would think that, as you don't seem like that at all. Here are my responses to your other messages.

"I may not come here a lot. This year is the year that my life will be determined. Entering the university, immigration, and all these stuff get me a little anxious at times. I have to study so hard to get to where I want."

No worries! That definitely can be stressful. Just try to take a breather and get some "me time" whenever possible, even if it's not for wikiHow :)

"That’s why wikiHow may not be my first priority right now, just like my other interests and passions (piano, for example). But I promised to myself once I accomplish this education thing, I’ll definitely follow my other interests, that take less energy, time and well, get me less stressed."

Wonderful idea! We will miss you but wish you the best!

"Learning other languages, traveling the world, and of course wikiHow. I don’t know if those wikiHow events still occur. But if they do, I might even go to one."

My passions too! Yes, these meetups still happen but they're pretty much always in the US. Keep an eye for an update in the forums: . Not sure where the next one will be.

Yes, I would love to visit Japan as well.

Write later!


At 23:12, Aug 09, 2019


Hey there,

Sorry, I don't plan to be around here so much anymore! It was nice getting to know you though.


At 00:51, Aug 22, 2019


Hi Helen!

Nice to hear from you :)

No worries on your reply length. It is totally fine.

So sorry to hear about your grandma's death...all my condolences and strength.

Yes, unfortunately I don't plan to edit here any more. But I will still keep in touch with you and drop in.

Alex is just very busy, so don't take it personally.

Take care too! Thanks so much for your message.

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