Unusual properties of ordinary glycerin. Some useful tips

Glycerin can be bought at almost any pharmacy. Unlike some types of household chemicals, this tool is safe for people and animals. Here are a few secrets, knowing that you want to go shopping soon.

Means against dust

If you are tired of constantly wiping dust from glossy surfaces, wipe them with glycerin. You can add a few drops in the water for mopping - the surface will shine like new.

Glycerol instead of stain remover

Mix glycerin with table salt and apply on a stain of berries, tea or coffee. Leave the product for an hour and then wash the item as usual. The product will not harm the fabric.

Enhance hair mask or shampoo

Add a few drops of glycerin to your hair before use. Glycerin coats the hair, creating a small lamination effect.

Hand mask

Apply a few drops of glycerin to your hands, and then put on household gloves. You can start any job. After half an hour, wipe off the remnants of glycerin, and spread your hands with cream.

Dishwashing liquid

Grate 25 grams of laundry soap, pour hot water to dissolve it completely. Cool the product to room temperature, then add a tablespoon of vodka and 4 tablespoons of glycerin. Pour the gel into a plastic bottle.

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