Universal rules for placing furniture in an apartment

Arranging the furniture in the room is not easy. Sometimes, people copy the examples of the parent apartment, or install the largest piece of furniture “wherever it fits,” having everything else in relation to it. But sometimes, such spontaneous layouts lead to inconvenience in the use of furniture. In order not to spoil the floor covering, moving furniture too often, plan everything in advance in accordance with certain rules.

Space for passage should be enough

Each apartment has very popular routes. It is important to avoid littering and protruding corners of furniture. The minimum distance between the furniture and the wall should be 70 cm. If you need to provide an opportunity for two people to leave, leave at least 110 cm.

Hall layout

In this room, furniture should not be placed too far apart (more than 60 cm), nor too close. If it's not about bedside tables or tables, arrange individual objects for about 20-30 cm.In this case, the room will not seem cluttered. Place the TV opposite the sofa, not too high. Your view, ideally should not shift more than 15 degrees in any direction.

Furniture in the bedroom

Do not put the bed directly against the wall. Best of all, to her head rested. From the bed to the wall or the nearest piece of furniture, leave at least 70 centimeters. If the bedroom has a wardrobe, then at least 80 centimeters of free space should be left around it. Even more if there is a mirror on the door.

The layout of the kitchen and dining room

A trendy idea for spacious kitchens, table-island, requires passes of at least 70 centimeters. Lockers of a classic construction should be positioned in such a way that a space of about 120 cm remains in front of them. If this is not possible, refuse additional furniture or use special designs that allow the furniture to be opened in an alternative way. Will help draw out drawers, sliding doors, spiral structures. If your apartment has a small kitchen, it makes sense to move the dining area into the living room.

Steps on the stairs

If you are the happy owner of a two-story house, this information is useful to you. The depth of the stair + height of the two risers should be 64-65 cm. The height of the railing is designed in accordance with the growth of the owner of the apartment. You can disperse on the stairs at least 90 cm wide.


It is important that the shelves above the toilet be hung not lower than 5-10 cm above the lid in the open position. If you have a small toilet, it is better to make a reserve of distance, because over time you may want to change the plumbing. If it is not possible to place a full-fledged sink in the room, pay attention to the models that are installed above the washing machines.

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