Unforgettable trip to Israel

Israel is an ancient and glorious state with its centuries-old history, so it is not surprising that many tourists want to visit this promised land. However, for those who visit the country for the first time, the question naturally arises: what to look for, where to go and what to look at first?

Usually familiarity with the country begins with the capital, the city of Tel Aviv. You can walk along its narrow streets, marveling at the number of people of different nationalities encountered on the way to the hotel. Turks and Arabs, Russians and Britons, Germans and Japanese - Israel draws people from all over the world. However, the capital has undergone significant changes with time, so it is best to go to the oldest city on the planet Jaffa, which also houses the country's largest seaport. Next to it there are also presentable resorts, for example, Bat Yam and Ramle. At the last you can admire the beautiful White Tower mosque with a 30-meter minaret.Orthodox tourists who have bought tours to Israel will also be delighted with the magnificent church of Nicodemus and Joseph.

Not far from the capital is the city of Lud, where there is another church. According to legend, St. George is buried under it. In the south of the country there is a huge Negev desert, which is known to the whole world as the “cradle of the Jews”. According to her, according to the Bible, Moses with varying success forty years led his people. Tourists love it for the picturesque rocky landscapes and the huge crater Makhtesh-Ramon.

Any tour operator in Israel, for sure, will advise the traveler to visit Jerusalem. There are many religious shrines here, such as the Holy Sepulcher, as well as the world-famous Wailing Wall and the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Wailing Wall is the greatest monument to the Jewish people. In fact, these are the remains of a destroyed ancient temple, which the mournful Jews mourn.

Israel will leave unforgettable impressions and fond memories of the trip. Many come back here again and again to admire ancient history, religious monuments and sights.

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