Top most dangerous tips from the Internet

Modern people in difficult or dangerous situations are trying to find answers to their questions on the Internet. But sometimes it can be extremely dangerous. Learn tips that you shouldn't follow.

Top 10 most dangerous tips from the Internet:

  1. Especially in the worldwide network of personal care tips, and one of the craziest ones is using hairspray as a face lotion and make-up fixer. It is not known who discovered such a field of application, but, in his opinion, if the lacquer keeps the hairstyle, then this effect will spread to the make-up. And the tool will help narrow the pores, which will significantly improve the appearance. All this is nothing more than a myth and a stupid delusion. Instead of the promised results, you can get the strongest irritation (especially owners of sensitive skin). And if the lacquer gets in your eyes, it will provoke burning, redness and damage to the mucous membranes. So it’s definitely not worth the risk: use hairspray for its intended purpose.
  2. Some advisers say that if a food coloring is added to the PVA glue and then it is applied to the lips and after a while to remove the dried film, then it is possible to achieve the effect of super-resistant lipstick: the pigment will for a long time remain on the skin. Probably, staining with this method can really be achieved, but it definitely will not be safe. Glue is not intended for prolonged contact with skin. In addition, tearing it from the lips, you damage their delicate skin, because of which it can become inflamed, redden and break. So instead of the promised effect, you will get the strongest discomfort. It is better to use resistant high-quality cosmetics.
  3. Facial cleansing with boric acid. This product can be part of cosmetics and really helps to cleanse, but if it is used in its pure form, in significant quantities and often, it will not bring anything but harm. And many of the fair sex, striving for the ideal, hardly think about the consequences, so boric acid often leads to chemical burns and skin lesions, fraught with redness and other unpleasant symptoms.In addition, due to such aggressive effects, the activity of the sebaceous glands can increase, which will only exacerbate the situation.
  4. If you have a herpetic eruption on your lips, then you just need to cover this area ... with a transparent nail polish, which supposedly disguises the defect. Perhaps the herpes will actually become less noticeable for a while, but the consequences will not be long in coming. Firstly, nail polish contains a lot of chemical additives that are harmful to the skin and cause its irritation. Secondly, by applying this remedy to the affected area, you will provoke the spread of the virus, which will only aggravate the situation and increase the area of ​​rashes. It is better to purchase a local remedy with an antiviral effect and take the appropriate drug according to the doctor's indications.
  5. Beauty is a terrible force, and sometimes so terrible that girls and women go literally to everything to look beautiful. On the Internet, you can find advice that, in order to give the desired volume to your lips, you need to place them in a bottle or a narrow neck of a jar, draw all the air out of the container and enjoy the result.The lips will indeed become more appetizing, but not for long. When the swelling drops, they will return to their former size, and this will happen soon. And if you overdo it or perform such a strange procedure too often, you can get hematomas and bruises that will not exactly decorate.
  6. A lot of women dream of getting rid of excess weight, and to reduce it are ready to go for everything and use very extreme ways. On the Internet you can find a lot of articles with tips on the use of turpentine baths to reduce the volume of the body and the fight against cellulite. Such procedures are actually used in beauty salons and cosmetology clinics, but are carried out under the supervision of specialists, since they have a lot of contraindications and possible side effects. Taking turpentine baths at home can cause severe skin burns.
  7. If you want to get luxurious, shiny and soft hair, then instead of cosmetic masks put on them ... mayonnaise! At least, so recommend that some "experts". This advice is not dangerous, but absolutely not effective.Instead of the promised effects, you will get greasy, greasy and, besides, scent-smelling hair. Wash away mayonnaise is extremely difficult, as well as get rid of its smell, which will haunt you and remind you of an unsuccessful experiment.
  8. Another bad advice about caring for yourself is to remove freckles and whiten with lemon juice. It would seem that the remedy is natural and can not cause harm. But it is worth considering a few nuances. First, the acid contained in the juice will irritate the skin, which already affects the period of freckles occurring during the season of sun activity. In addition, most owners of "sun kisses" have sensitive skin, and the juice will disrupt its natural protective barrier, causing redness and irritation. So either accept your freckles and love them, or use professional methods of their removal, selected by a beautician.
  9. Another “super recommendation” is a facial massage from the inside. Many celebrities are delighted with him, but this does not mean that the procedure is actually effective. Yes, kneading the cheeks through the mouth will help to relax the muscles, but it is unlikely to relieve wrinkles.In addition, not everyone is concerned about the purity of the hands, and if you put dirty fingers in the mouth, you can add pathogens that can cause infections of the oral cavity and the gastrointestinal tract.
  10. Regular pencils instead of eyeliner. Yes, and such advice on the world wide web can be found. The drawing stationery palette is impressive, and cosmetics manufacturers do not offer such a variety of colors. But it is still better to be content with special eye pencils, since the stylus is very hard and can scratch and damage the thin and delicate skin of the eyelids. In addition, dyes are not intended for skin and can cause inflammation and irritation, leading to redness and swelling.

These were tips from the Internet, which you do not need to follow.

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