Top 7 hours for an office suit

Sophisticated classic

This classic image is a vivid example of how to diversify a boring office image. Although there is nothing special, in general, the look looks stylish and elegant. Gray and black colors are predominant, which are diluted with pink and beige shades. Black classic watches indicate your seriousness, image and status.

Top 7 hours for an office suit

Women's watches mechanical SERGEY GRIBNYAKOV

Express your taste in detail

This delicate and at the same time spectacular image is ideal for the office. Sleeveless jacket, watches and shoes are in harmony with each other and make the black skirt and jacket more stylish and original. There are no details in the whole image, only strict classics, however, the clocks, which are distinguished by numerous elements, rhinestones and jewelry, give a piquancy to such a bow.

Top 7 hours for an office suit


Bright accents in the office image

Original watches, elegant handbag, luxury shoes add brightness to the office image. Red is a classic color, so it is perfect for a dark trouser suit.Bright watches, handbag and nail polish will allow you to express a special taste. The advantage of such a bow is the opportunity to diversify it, changing accessories every time.

Top 7 hours for an office suit

Women's watches SUNLIGHT

Elegance and luxury

White and red - this is an indispensable classic, which will always and everywhere look bright, spectacular and truly luxurious. The snow-white trouser suit looks even more attractive due to the bright lacquer handbag and stylish watches. In this way, you will say no to the strict and boring dress code of the office work.

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