Top 5 most useful types of greenery

If you regularly eat greens, then you do the right thing. But among its numerous species there are the most useful ones, and you simply have to know them!

The most useful types of greenery

So, the top 5 species of greenery, possessing numerous useful properties:

  1. The most useful greens are well-known parsley. If you regularly eat it fresh, you will definitely get a daily rate of ascorbic acid, which in this product contains four times more than in the lemon. Vitamin C helps to strengthen blood vessels and increases the body's resistance to attacks of pathogenic microorganisms. Also included in the composition are vitamins of group B, which take part in most metabolic processes and reactions, normalize the functioning of the nervous system. Potassium helps to strengthen the heart muscle, magnesium relieves stress, and iron helps to maintain the desired level of hemoglobin. Also parsley allows you to monitor blood sugar and has an antioxidant effect: slows down the aging of tissues and prevents the mutation of cells.
  2. Very useful for any human body and dill, which contains beta-carotene, phosphorus, calcium salts, iron, potassium, folic acid and other B vitamins, as well as PP and C. Regular use of such aromatic and popular herbs that are easy to grow in your garden, will help preserve visual acuity, reduce the risks of developing iron deficiency anemia, normalize blood pressure, reduce the fragility of the vascular walls, eliminate swelling, improve appetite and ensure timely digestion of food, as well as clear To be an organism from toxins and slags. And this is an effective natural anti-inflammatory agent.
  3. Spinach. Although many of these greens are taken lightly or even with disdain, it is incredibly useful because it contains iron salts, protein, iodine, vitamins A, PP, C, D2 and group B. This product is useful for the thyroid gland, normalizes the contractile activity of the heart muscle myocardium, increases stress resistance and eliminates the negative effects of stress, provides nutrition and normal functioning of muscle fibers, and also restores the structure of bone tissue.
  4. Basil is not only a fragrant seasoning for various dishes, but also a very useful green that must be included in your diet. This product is able to stop bleeding and heal wounds, clean all important systems of the body. Basil has a powerful bactericidal effect and helps to destroy most pathogens, as well as strengthen the protective barrier and provide resistance to attacks of bacteria, viruses and fungi. This herb has pronounced anti-inflammatory properties and eliminates bad breath if chewing a few leaves.
  5. Regularly use mint, which can be added to tea or used to decorate desserts. This green with a stunning aroma and refreshing taste enhances brain activity, refreshes breathing, helps relieve inflammation, has a mild sedative effect and improves sleep, eliminates vasospasm and expands them, relieves pain, and also helps fight pathogens due to antiseptic effect.

How correctly to eat greens to get the most out of it?

In order for the greens to be as useful as possible, and all the substances contained in it are preserved and fully assimilated by the body, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • No need to chop the greens. It is better not to chop it, but to cut or tear it with your hands so that the constituent essential oils and other substances do not evaporate, but enter the body.
  • You should not eat greens on an empty stomach, as almost all of its species stimulate the production of gastric juice, which can irritate the mucous membranes of the digestive system.
  • It is best to eat fresh greens, as at high temperatures some useful substances are destroyed and lose their properties. You can add it to salads and ready meals. And if the recipe involves the introduction of greens in the cooking process, then carry it out at the very end or even after the completion of heat treatment.
  • Responsibly approach the choice of greenery. Ideally grow it yourself in the garden or in pots on the windowsill. If this is not possible, purchase the product in large stores and trust proven manufacturers with an impeccable reputation.

Now you know what greens to use to improve and maintain health.

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