Top 10 useful books for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a difficult and very important period in the life of every woman, because in some 9 months you have a lot to do! Prepare for the upcoming birth, understand your feelings and learn how to adapt to the new state of your body, and, importantly, prepare for the birth of the baby.

Just imagine these feelings, when a small crumb will be in your hands! So you want to do everything right, do no harm, but, on the contrary, every day to strengthen his health, to observe how he grows and develops, you have a whole life in your hands, which is important to direct in the right direction from the very first days.

Useful literature

Almost all young mothers and dads know nothing about the needs of little ones, about the rules of communicating with them, and about the rules of care, which, first of all, affect his future health. In order not to do stupid things and feel confident, both before and after birth, it is necessary to be educated, which is not difficult to do with the help of quality literature.

Naturally, in bookstores, the shelves will burst with abundance and variety of thematic literature, but how to choose the most effective and really useful benefits? Especially for you we have prepared the top 10 best books for pregnant mothers and future dads who will help you enter a new stage of your life with more confidence and a decent supply of knowledge.

  • “Child and care for him”, Benjamin Spock

According to many parents who passed through this edition, "this is a real Bible for parents!". In it, in an easy and accessible language, all the main positions of the right and responsible parent are stated, a large number of tips are given regarding the upbringing of the child, which is perceived as a separate and independent personality.

Child and care for him

Here you can find answers to the most, seemingly banal, but exciting inexperienced parents, questions: how to breastfeed? How to accustom to mixes? What things will the baby need? And so on, in the same vein. The book gives a general idea of ​​what awaits you, as well as how easy it is to cope without resorting to the help of all relatives and girlfriends.

Many experts in this field recommend reading the book directly before childbirth, since many of the positions outlined in it,can greatly change your views on the overall concept of educating your own child.

How to raise a child happy. Principle of continuity

Despite the fact that this year’s book is already 30 years old, it has not lost its relevance at all, and even if some tips seem naive today, it doesn’t stop drawing a large number of important lessons for bringing up benevolent and harmonious personality.

In addition to this book, the author has several editions that touch on the topic of parenting, but “I’ll soon become a mother!”, As the name says, is what you need to read during pregnancy, but you can, a few months before .

I'll be mom soon

From this book you will learn a lot about your new situation, how important it is to maintain calm and inner harmony during pregnancy, as well as prepare yourself for the upcoming birth, how to achieve a healthy birth and, importantly, a smart baby.

Perhaps this is one of the best creations for women who are awaiting their first child. The authors of the book have medical education, and therefore their advice should be heeded, especially since many of them are really able to save the future mother from many anxieties and problems associated with her new position.

Martha and William Sears

The authors in the book examine in detail each of the 9 months of pregnancy, paying special attention to childbirth: proper breathing and methods of pain relief, as well as many emotional problems.

The following creation from the above authors, which deals with postpartum issues. When pregnancy and childbirth are over, the young parents face important issues of responsibility for their new child.

Your baby from birth to two years

The book contains tips on how to care for a baby, you will learn many useful things related to all stages of the baby’s development: nutrition, bathing, walking, communicating with parents, visits to the doctor and so on.

  • "The harmonious development of the child", Glenn Doman

The book contains many tips about the upbringing of a child at the age of 0 and up to 6 years. The author gives a large number of tips on how to reveal all the talents of a baby, to realize that your little one is much smarter and more capable than it might seem at first glance.

Glenn Doman

In addition, the publication describes how to quickly teach a child to read and write, as well as how not only mental, but also physical skills of a baby are formed.

Reference book of the famous pediatrician of their Kharkov, who is a famous TV presenter and author of many other books that focus on the education, development and education of children, as well as overcoming many childhood diseases.

Handbook of sensible parents

This publication consists of several parts that are devoted to the very period of pregnancy, the period of preparation for childbirth, child planning and child care issues. Useful and effective edition, written in an accessible language and most adapted for our countries.

  • "We and our children", E. and B. Nikitin

An interesting and fascinating book, which is more perceived as fiction than a scientific reference book, and this is very appropriate! The authors share their own experiences of raising children, consider many examples and allow you to look at the whole process from the side, having learned a lot of useful ideas.

We and our children ", E. and B. Nikitin

  • "Birth without Fear" by Grantley Dick-Reed

It's no secret that many women are very afraid of natural childbirth, but the author of the book completely reverses the generally accepted view of this issue, arguing that this process can be completely painless.The main thing, according to the author, is the selection of the correct method of relaxation, the support of the husband and the moral preparation of the future mother.

"Birth without Fear" by Grantley Dick-Reed

“How to love a child”, Janusz Korczak

The author of the book is a talented child psychologist who, in his work, reveals all the subtleties of a child’s soul, explains many actions of disobedient crumbs, and also describes their deep feelings. Here you will not find specific advice on how to act in any given situation, but, looking at all the subtleties of the formation of the psyche of your offspring, you will be able to understand and love him for real.

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