Top 10 most popular tv shows in the world

All sorts of TV shows are very popular today. And which of them are the most famous?

Most Popular Shows

Top 10 most popular TV shows in the world:

1. "Top Gear". Initially, it was a simple program, but its success was the feat of the authors to create the whole show, which became very popular. The first shooting took place in Earl-Corte (district of London), then they were carried out not only in the UK, but also abroad.

Top gear

According to the scenario of the show, a racing platform with various obstacles is built on a closed or open ground. Behind the track is a stage for spectators. Each issue lasts about 80 minutes, and during this time, viewers have the opportunity to evaluate the complex and sometimes unimaginable tricks performed on cars.

2. “Mythbusters”- American popular science show. Leading broadcasts destroy all sorts of myths. In each issue, which lasts an average hour, two or more famous legends are reviewed and analyzed.


These can be rumors taken from the Internet, various tales and urban legends. Sometimes exposing requires complex preparation and incredibly difficult tests.Viewers get the opportunity to find out what they have long been interested in. By the way, presenters of the show have been working in the field of special effects for a long time, therefore, they have engineering and technical knowledge that helps to destroy myths not only plausibly, but also effectively.

3. "X-factor"- a popular talent show. It first came out in the UK in 2004 and almost immediately became a veritable coup on television. The main purpose of the creators - the search for talent. Several seasons have come out, and the sixth has collected about 20 million Britons from TV screens.

X Factor

Participants selected from 200 thousand applicants, in total spectators were given more than 10 million votes. Judges of the show are sometimes strict and even unfair and rude, but this only improves the ratings of the show. And among the guests managed to "light up" such as Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Beyonce and some others. There were analogues of the show in other countries, for example, in Ukraine and in Kazakhstan.

4. "The Oprah Winfrey Show". The author and presenter of the program, Oprah Winfrey, has long gone to her success. In 1986, the first release of the show came out (there is evidence that it came out earlier, in 1984, but then the show had a different name and a slightly different format), which almost immediately attracted and interested the audience.As a result, 25 seasons came out, and the transfer existed for 25 years.

Oprah Winfrey Show

The show was included in the list of "50 greatest television shows of all time according to TV Guide version", and it was not closed due to low popularity. Winfrey decided to leave nicely and run her own channel. But The Oprah Winfrey Show had a tremendous impact not only on the pop culture of the United States, but also on the worldview of most Americans. A lot of the most popular people visited Oprah.

5. “Show with David Letterman”Goes on American television for over twenty years. Presenter and author of the program David Letterman is a popular American comedian. The first release was released in 1992, and since then the show has literally not come off the screen. Letterman invites the most diverse popular and famous people: politicians, singers, actors, musicians.

Show with David Letterman

Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Courtney Love, Russell Crowe, Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and many others have already managed to attend the show. In fact, the transfer is an interview or even a conversation, the input of which David asks the guest questions, which are sometimes very tricky and compromising.At the same time, fans can get an autograph from the idol.

By the way, in 2002, the show took 7th place in the rating of "50 greatest television shows of all time according to TV Guide version".

6. “Dom2”. This project is also known practically throughout the world, as it is considered the longest reality show. The slogan of the show is: "Build your love!". And the participants are really engaged in building relations under the clock surveillance of hundreds of cameras.

House 2

Initially, the strongest couple promised to give the house, but today the site has several buildings. The premiere took place on May 11, 2004. Several times the show tried to close, but all these attempts were in vain, because the ratings are still high.

Keep the attention of the viewer is not easy, but the authors of the reality show "Dom2" do everything for this. Several weddings were held on the project, some of them already got children. Passion continues to grow hot, so no one thinks about the completion date.

7. "Candidate". This TV show today is known all over the world, and it was thanks to him that Donald Trump, who was both the leading and the producer, became so popular and rich. The essence of the show was that several young people were offered a promising vacancy, for which all candidates had to fight, performing all sorts of tasks.


The participants "flew out" one by one, and the most ambitious, active, and purposeful one was assigned an amazing high-paying position in a large company. Donald Trump himself was repeatedly invited to participate in various shows, but they all seemed to him boring, banal and beaten.

But the proposal to arrange a real professional race "sharks of business" really interested businessman, and he agreed to finance this project, almost without thinking. The show was new and one of a kind, so Trump was taking a big risk. And the risk was justified, since the "Candidate" became popular. In addition, there were several analogues of the project.

8. "Bachelor"- this is the most realistic, popular and expensive show about how a simple girl to find an enviable groom and marry a millionaire. For the first time the show was released in the USA. According to the rules of the show, a lonely, but successful and very nice young man should, among many pretenders, choose the only one with which he decides to go through life.


In each issue, the groom makes an appointment to one or more beautiful girls and learns them better.Dating is incredibly romantic, as it takes place on yachts, the shores of the seas and even oceans, on the roofs of skyscrapers and in other interesting places of almost the whole world. In each issue, one of the brides leaves the show. In the final series, the bachelor must make a choice. The show was already in the top ten countries.

9. “Battle of psychics”. This show has already become popular in many countries of the world: in Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Australia, Mongolia, Israel, Kazakhstan. It was first released in the UK. The essence of the TV show is that people with unique abilities are selected from all over the country.

The fight of extrasensories

Then all participants undergo various tests. They must find out the details of the crimes, look for the perpetrators and missing people, find out why strange events are taking place in one place or another. Participate in the transfer can and viewers who have an interesting story.

10. “Who wants to be a millionaire?”A participant answers questions and earns money. It's simple, but incredibly interesting. Spectators have the opportunity not only to support the participant, but also to test their knowledge.

Who want to be a millionaire

These were the most popular TV shows in the world.

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