Top 10 most popular desserts in the world

Any holiday feast will certainly end with the supply of something sweet: cakes, pastries, ice cream, sweets, pastries, and everything your heart desires, because there is no limit to diversity! Interestingly, the tradition of serving something sweet by the end of the meal appeared relatively recently, some a few centuries ago, when sugar began to actively spread throughout the world.

It is not surprising that before this, only rich and noble people could indulge themselves with something delicious, but fortunately, times have changed, and today every housewife has several recipes of delicious desserts in stock.

But today we decided to talk about the most famous and popular desserts in the world: they managed to stand out among the rest of the variety of recipes, now they are called classics, the best of the best, and everyone should try such delicacies, at least once in a lifetime. So what are we talking about?

1. Peach Melba

Interestingly, it is a very simple, but incredibly delicious and delicate dessert, based on peaches, ice cream and raspberry puree.The creator of the famous masterpiece is the famous French chef O. Escoffier, who created it for the opera diva Nelly Melba, very popular in the XIX century.

They say that this delicate dessert was prepared by the author under the impression of the opera "Lohengrin", in which the singer performed one of the main roles. The effect was simply stunning - Melba was captivated by such attention and taste of the work itself, the author himself for several years treated only one singer with the created masterpiece.

2. Gulab Jamun

In the second place of our top 10 - a popular Indian dessert, the main ingredients of which, at first glance, are absolutely simple products - milk, some pistachios and raisins, flour and corn oil.

The finished version of the dish looks something like donuts, but, unlike the latter, the gulab is dipped in sweet syrup for the whole night, as a result of which the delicacy becomes saturated and becomes incredibly juicy, bright and unusual.

3. Tiramisu

Perhaps this Italian dessert can be called one of the most popular in the whole world, with it, by the way, amusing legends and stories are also associated with it.One of these stories says that the famous dessert was prepared especially for the Grand Duke Cosimo III Medici.

By the way, the name itself translates as “lift me up”, probably you can’t think better! It is made from mascarpone cheese, eggs, cream, rum, as well as ladies fingers cookies, and grated chocolate and cocoa are often added.

4. Almond cookies

This sweet and light delicacy is also spread almost all over the world, however, it is believed that it is China that is its historical homeland. By the way, do not confuse this unique dessert with a fairly popular cookie with a prediction, these are completely different things. Crumbly, light, fragrant, literally melting in the mouth, in order to reach the peak of enjoyment, almond cookies are recommended to be used with fresh milk.

5. Cheesecake

Rumor has it that this favorite dessert by many, was first served in ancient Greece. Naturally, at that time did not yet know the cream cheese, and therefore prepared it from the cheese. The classic version of the recipe, which we know today, was born in 1929 thanks to chef Arnold Ruben. He first guessed using “Philadelphia” cheese, from which, in fact, the name of the dish, which is used today, came.

6. Eclair

An amazing delicacy from a thin custard batter, filled with a delicate custard, to date, is known to many. But invented his inimitable chef Marie-Antoine Karem, who, at one time, successfully worked with the Russian and European monarchs.

It was he who came up with the idea of ​​baking ready-made air cakes, which later are filled with cream. Later, many varieties of such delicacy appeared, however, the meaning remains the same.

7. Pavlova cake

Simply amazing dessert based on cream and meringue, as you know, was named after the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. As you can see, fragile beauties are able to inspire not only poets, artists and musicians, but also confectioners, by the way, also candies, various desserts and wines were produced under her name.

This light, with a minimum amount of calories, dessert, very much loved in New Zealand, England and Australia, where, by the way, it can be found only in expensive restaurants and pastry shops.

8. Creme brulee

It is called the traditional French dessert, and the name translates as "burned cream". In the classical form, the dessert is an air custard covered with a golden caramel crust.

9. Napoleon

Is such a list of the best and most popular desserts of the world able to do without the elegant, melting in the mouth, beloved Napoleon? It is rumored that the origin of the dish is directly related to the famous historical figure, Napoleon Bonaparte, but will we find out the truth today? By the way, almost every kitchen in the world has its own variation of Napoleon, so what's surprising, there are more than a dozen of them in Russia alone.

10. Sabayon

And this masterpiece already belongs to the Italian kitchen, however, it spread far beyond its borders, especially in Latin America. A dish is a sauce in which sugar and wine are added, in the broader sense “sabion” means all foam desserts to which alcohol is added.

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