Top 10 Interesting Facts About Versailles

France always associates with something refined, elegant and romantic. No wonder, millions of couples come here every year to confess their love and make a marriage proposal. But Paris is not the only place for this. Today we will talk about Versailles - a city with a no less interesting history and rich architecture.

Second capital

More than 100 years Versailles was the capital of France. Here, important government meetings took place, diplomatic negotiations took place, and even decisions were made to start and end the war.

The beautiful, neat and masterfully planned city even became an example for many European brethren. And the architects who built the first buildings in Washington were inspired by the experience of their colleagues from France.

We decided to find out why you should see this city with your own eyes at least once in your life. And collected for you the top 10 interesting facts about him:

  • The first thing that impresses at Versailles is a wonderful ecology, excellent infrastructure and a bourgeois atmosphere. Coming here, you will find yourself in a completely different world - respectable and chic.A definite plus lies also in the fact that settling in this city, you can get to Paris in just 12 minutes.
  • Tourists who expect to relax budget, can save a lot on transport to get around the city. The main points of interest are located in close proximity to each other, so you can combine business with pleasure - a walk and sightseeing.
  • Every traveler is simply obliged to see the famous Palace of Versailles. He appeared in the 17 st. as a symbol of the absolute power of Louis XIV. The work on its construction was colossal: it was necessary to drain the swamps, fill all with earth, level the ground and only then begin construction. According to the plan, gardens adjoin the palace, the avenues of which diverge from the structure in the form of rays.

Versailles has about 700 rooms, among which the Mirror Hall is a particularly famous place. There were often high-level meetings, as well as balls. The center of what is happening has always been the silver throne of the monarch.

Entrance to the palace until the age of 18 is free of charge, and the ticket price for adults (with the “audio guide” service) is 15 euros.

  • Another reason to come to the second capital of France is the flea market. This is the place where you can best feel the atmosphere of the city. You can visit it on Thursdays and Saturdays in the historic part of the city - the Notre Dame area. Those who appreciate antiques, can find here real "treasures".

By the way, in the same area you can admire the mansions of the former and present "nobility".

  • If you like grandiose beautiful buildings, then besides the royal palace you can visit another one - Montreuil. It is located in the heart of the city and is surrounded by a park of incredible beauty and length - as much as 8 hectares. His story is also connected with Louis XIV. He bought this palace as a gift for his sister Elizabeth. Today it often hosts various exhibitions.
  • Closer acquaintance with the history of the city can be found in the Museum of Lambine. There are as many as 35 rooms, some of which have preserved their almost original appearance. There is a large collection of paintings and sculptures, as well as the reconstruction of the 18th century apartments. Another part of the Museum will tell you about the history of the city and, in particular, about the Great French Revolution.
  • Church of Notre Dame.Once it was erected for the royal court courtiers, so that they could attend mass without bothering themselves with trips or trips outside the castle. The church is of particular interest to lovers of the Gothic style, because it was built in the form of a cross traditional for those times.
  • "Moliere's Month". This cultural event did not accidentally hit our top, because theatergoers from all over the world are looking forward to it. Throughout June, viewers can enjoy a huge amount of theatrical performances right on the streets of Versailles. Two thirds of them are absolutely free.
  • Theater Montasier. It is named after its founder, actress Madame Montacier, who was famous in the 18th century. Several times the interior decoration and decor of the theater changed, but in the end, they acquired the original blue and white color. The theater operates today after a major renovation, and its repertoire is constantly updated. You can see its gorgeous facade in the photo.
  • Music lovers every year are attracted to the festival of jazz and rock, which take place in September and April.

Versailles - a city where the atmosphere of bourgeois prevails. At one time, a little town in France could match it in scoperoyal sophistication, which began with the architecture of ordinary houses, and ended with the decoration of the royal chambers. Until today, it has not lost its former charm and is ready to surprise tourists with its beauty and hospitality.

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