Top 10 interesting books written by the stars

It is believed that if a person is talented, then he is talented in everything. And many celebrities, to confirm this, are improving and are starting to master new directions of creativity. For example, some write books, and very interesting.

Top 10 books written by stars:

  1. "Remember all. My incredibly true story. ”. This book was written by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and she became the most real biography of this world-famous actor. His childhood was not easy: he grew up in the famine years in the family of a policeman and did not even count on a bright future. But already at the age of twenty-one the boy became "Mr. Universe". He learned English and brought his body to perfection, having received the private title of one of the best bodybuilders in the world. For ten years, Arnold was able to get an education and earn millions as a successful athlete and businessman. For twenty years he entered the rating of the most popular movie stars. Three decades after the arrival in America, the “terminator” became the governor of one of the states.
  2. "Encyclopedia of the sucker". The author of the book Ksenia Sobchak has a unique charisma and respectable intellectual data. And she decided to investigate such a thing as "goof". Who is it? Where do such "unique people" come from? Ksenia Anatolyevna tried to characterize this particular type of people and analyze all its qualities. The result was an easily perceived, imbued Sobchak and a very entertaining book.
  3. "I'm happy," Jackie Chan. This book is a series of memories of the great stuntman and talented actor. Readers will be able to go along with the main character of his life's journey: from a simple poor waiter to a wealthy patron, from the director of short low budget videos to the legendary director and the world-famous person. This autobiography touches the depths of the soul, because Jackie Chan made himself and overcame a lot of difficulties. In the book you will see funny stories and sincere confessions, you can transfer from one time period to another. And this journey through Chan’s life will surely be interesting and exciting!
  4. “My Travel Records”. The author of this book, Angelina Jolie, is not just a sex symbol of modernity and an actress known all over the world, but also a real person with a capital letter, possessing incredible spiritual kindness. Not everyone knows that she is the UN Goodwill Ambassador, engaged in refugee affairs. She not only starred in numerous films, but also travels to different countries in which the critical situation develops. Jolie visited Cambodia, Kenya, Thailand, Tanzania, Kosovo, Namibia, North Ossetia, Ingushetia, Ecuador and a number of other states. In the book she shares her impressions and emotions from such trips, and it deserves attention.
  5. Elixir, Hilary Duff. The main character, Clea Raymond at seventeen, managed to get attention and glory. She became a successful journalist, but suddenly lost her father. He went missing, after which, in her photos, the girl discovered an obscure image of a guy for whom she had experienced irresistible attraction. Gradually, the two began to converge, and their relationship grew deeper, as if it had faded into distant centuries. The heroine has to find out under what circumstances her beloved father has disappeared, and also why she is so drawn to a mysterious stranger who was seen by chance.And she is ready for much to open the veil of secrets, learn the truth and survive, finding the future.
  6. "Gunner". Listing the best books of stars, it is worth noting written by Hugh Laurie - a talented and charismatic actor, known to all for the role of Dr. House in the same series. This is a kind of adventure novel or comedy thriller, written in beautiful style with a subtle humor. The characters are cute and charming, and the author’s observations are non-standard, so readers will definitely enjoy. The main character Thomas Lang was once a military man, and now he wanders through the streets and gets involved in adventures. The whole snag is that the man does not know at all how to kill people, and is also honest and trusting that it is inappropriate in the world of killers and arms dealers. But precisely among them, by the will of fate, is Thomas, who is forced to do not his own business, to survive and try to save his beloved girlfriend.
  7. "English Roses".This book written by Madonna is a romantic story for girls, a fairy tale, but what a beautiful and inspiring one! The name sounds symbolic and makes you wonder: what are English roses? Perhaps simple flowers? Or the name of the candy? Not at all! The reader will be able to open the secret and enjoy the amazing bright illustrations, which are generously complemented by the bookreleased in large format. So read, watch and have fun.
  8. "Possess and belong". Renata Litvinova did not change herself and her style by writing this book, which included scripts of released films and unrealized sketches, stories, short stories, short stories. And all this is written languid, somewhat complex, but heartfelt and organic prose, which the actress masterly owns. And although the story is darkly, and in the book there are frightening storylines, fans of Litvinova and fans of non-trivial creativity will be satisfied.
  9. "Liar" Stephen Fry. This book is worth reading, because it is written not just by an actor, but also by a talented playwright who is able to skillfully mix fiction with truth. The main character Stephen Adrian Healy has always lied, but so masterly that his fabrications were perceived with delight by everyone around him. Thin observations allowed deceiving without problems teachers, employers and the most intelligent people. Adrian used lies to get a place in the sun, but he loves to invent much more than to earn money. And this passion led him to the center of a dangerous and confusing story.
  10. "Men as machines". The author is well-known TV presenter and socialite Masha Malinovskaya, and she gladly shares her experience with the opposite sex with readers. She will help to see the "cat in the bag" and get to the bottom of the essence of any man. And Masha has divided the representatives of the strong half of humanity into categories like cars. Sports car, sedan, jeep, SUV, crossover ... How do they differ? Moreover, Malinovskaya described in detail specific brands, that is, types of men. She also tried to teach women how to distinguish a fake from the original and “look under the hood” so as not to be deceived and find the one who can get to the destination without breakdowns.

These were the best books written by celebrities.

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