Top 10 cool movies in the genre of crime

If you like exciting plots, scenes of fights and shootings, then you will surely like the movie in the genre of crime. Find out which movies in this category are worth watching.

So, the top 10 interesting crime films:

  1. "Crime novel"- The brainchild of the inimitable Quentin Tarantino. The two main characters, Jules and Vincent, in the intervals between crimes and reprisals, debtors of their boss Marcellas lively on philosophical topics. At the same time, the viewer sees three stories. The first plot: Vincent, who looks after his wife Marcellas, saves her from a drug overdose. The second story: the boxer Butch Coolidge, who was hired by the leader of the criminal gang, must lose the fight, but he does it differently. The third plot: two young and inexperienced thieves Hani Bani and Pampkin try to commit a robbery, but Jules does not allow them to do it. How are all these events related? They have something in common, and viewers will be able to figure out exactly what.
  2. "Cards, money, two trunks". Four friends saved money for one to play cards with the criminal and skillful sharper Harry Ax. The game did not go as planned, and the guy loses five hundred thousand. To pay the debt to friends give a week, and to speed up the process they promise to chop off your fingers. The guys decide to rob the bandits, who must rob three other guys involved in growing marijuana for a well-known drug trafficker. The scam is risky, but this is not all the adventures that four heroes will visit.
  3. “American History X”- Another interesting picture in the genre of crime, which is so popular with many. Derek Vinyard - the leader of the local group of skinheads, who has long become an authority in his area. Courage and cruelty of the hero admires his younger brother, who plans to continue the business. One day, two dark-skinned guys try to break into Derek's car, and he kills them, for which he gets a sentence. In prison, there are completely different laws that change the concept of Vinyard and his ideas about life. Coming out of prison, he understands how wrong he was before. The former environment seems to Derek wild, he tries to save his brother, but he has already made his choice, for which he will one day pay.
  4. "Seven". William Somerset has long worked in the police and managed to become a real search veteran. He is about to retire and dreams of one thing - to get away from this sinful city and its cruel and unprincipled inhabitants. But literally a week before the long-awaited peace, William is faced with two troubles: a new recruiter Mills and a sophisticated strange murder. Somerset realizes that other crimes will follow, and his expectations are true. An experienced cop realizes that all the victims were punished for their sins. Now, Somerset needs to make a choice: to transfer the case to the young agent and leave, or help and solve the murderer’s plan.
  5. "Catch Me If You Can". The protagonist of the picture, Frank Ebegneyl, is clever, intelligent, charismatic, charming and incredibly sly. And all these qualities help a great guy in life. He has the talent to win the trust of people, which he skillfully uses. Frank managed to be a pilot of a well-known airline, a respectable doctor and a successful lawyer. And all this - the achievements of a young 21-year-old boy. He was a virtuoso cheater and delicately forged any documents, increasing the capital by millions of dollars through counterfeit checks.Karl Hanratti is an FBI agent who is ready to do anything to catch a constantly escaping criminal. He literally breathes in Frank's back, but he is constantly one step behind him, and as a result, the chase continues.
  6. "Once upon time in America"- this is a real classic of the crime genre, and such a movie is definitely worth seeing to all lovers. The twenties of the last century in America were lively and stormy: the country was moving in the rhythm of jazz, and any poor person wanted to become wealthy. Once in the slums, we met desperate, daring and ready for anything for the money guys. They made bold scams, went over the heads of rivals, brutally removed them from the path and punished traitors. The guys became friends and vowed to give their lives for each other. The heroes became the real kings of the criminal world, but many years later, the villain-destiny each threw a nasty surprise. One day, the gangsters must meet in America and fulfill an oath once given.
  7. "Godfather". The film tells about the events that took place in New York in the middle of the last century. In the center of the plot - the mafia Sicilian clan Carleone. The head of the family, Don Vito, rejoices at the marriage of his beloved daughter, and at the same time his beloved son Michael returns from the war.He became a hero of the country who defended his homeland, and does not want to participate in the criminal affairs of his father and head the business. Don Carleone lives according to the old long-established rules, but life has changed a lot in recent years, and there are people who disagree with its principles and plan to change the order. An attempt is made on the head of the clan. But will the new inhabitants of the underworld overthrow the real professional?
  8. "11 Ocean's friends". Danny Ocean comes out of prison, but after a day begins to think through the most daring and arrogant robbery in history. He wants to get 160 million dollars, stealing them from the three largest and most visited casinos in Las Vegas. Owns Terry Benedict, who is eager to meet his ex-wife Danny Tess. Ocean begins to assemble a criminal team consisting of eleven professionals in their field who are capable of such audacious theft. Under the leadership of the main character are a talented sharper, a skilled pickpocket and an intelligent fuse. And this is not all members of the group who are ready for anything for the sake of huge money.
  9. "The Departed". This is an incredibly interesting crime film with an exciting plot that keeps the audience in suspense until the very end. Two of the talented graduates of the police academy, after studying, set out on free swimming and found themselves on opposite sides of the barricades. One of them became a successful undercover agent, uncovering crimes. Another decided to live in a criminal world and entered the mafia group. The guy fraudulently enlisted in the service of law enforcement agencies to keep abreast of upcoming raids. Everyone with honor performs his duties and considers it his duty to find and destroy the enemy. But life in deception changes the reality and views of the heroes, turning over their inner world and making them think.
  10. "Scam under cover". The actions take place in the 80s of the last century, and they occurred in real life. The main character, Bob Mazur, works for the FBI and is a specialist in criminal inculcation. He has long lived in the underworld and built a legend in which even gang leaders believe. The agent decides by all means to get closer to the legendary drug dealer Pablo Exobar to destroy his empire and unravel the money laundering scheme.Bob, his partner Emir Abreu and newcomer Katie Erts are starting a grand operation that will most likely become the most risky in their lives. Will these three be able to penetrate the very heart of the drug cartels and expose her king? It is up to the audience to find out.

If you like the genre of crime, then be sure to take the time to watch the above movies!

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