Top 10 best creams from stretch marks on the body

Stretch marks or striae, as they are called scientific language, are frequent and extremely unpleasant companions of most future and present moms, as well as people who suffer from frequent weight fluctuations and hormonal changes.

Pale pink or burgundy stretch marks in all their glory appear on the abdomen, thigh areas of the chest and buttocks, that is, the places that are most susceptible to constant changes in size. The appearance of such scars is due to the unpreparedness of the skin for stretching during the appearance of excess weight: the epidermis bursts, it requires additional nourishment to withstand new loads.

Naturally, we all know that such problems are much easier to prevent, therefore, every woman should be able to choose and use a good remedy for stretch marks, and today such, believe me, a lot. We have chosen specially for you the top 10 most popular and effective creams from stretch marks on the body, which are able to work miracles and save even very serious problems of this area.

In any case, when choosing such an agent, look at its composition: retinol usually enters it, which moisturizes the skin well, has a positive effect on the epidermis, penetrating deep into the skin. Well, if it contains vitamins E and C, as well as fatty acids.

In addition, it is important to remember that even the most effective and high-quality remedy will not act if it is used irregularly. If the reason for the appearance of stretch marks is pregnancy, then the choice of means must be approached even more carefully, because here the main task is not to harm, and this means that they must consist only of natural ingredients.

Usually in the instructions for such creams and indicated - designed specifically for pregnant women. If you did not find anything like this, then it is better to avoid such a cream, at least while you are in an interesting position.

  1. Biorga's VERGETURINE. Millions of women around the world prefer this particular tool - it does not need loud advertising or a large number of compliments, its amazing effect speaks for itself. Vergeturine will make your skin supple and elastic, will improve the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibers, which, in fact, prevent the appearance of stretch marks.And the composition is impressive: various useful oils (almonds, wheat germ, carite), glycerin, and even a specially selected vitamin complex.
  2. "Cream for stretch marks" from MamaComfort. Products from the Russian manufacturer: a reasonable combination of price and quality. The cream is designed specifically for pregnant women, designed for sensitive and dry skin. Increasing the elasticity of the skin is due to an effective composition: horse chestnut, tea tree oil, chamomile extract and olive oil.
  3. "Mamacare" by TÖPFER. The main advantage of this miracle product is its safety, because TÖPFER cosmetics are famous all over the world for their incredible ecological composition, as well as for having all the necessary certificates that confirm its belonging to high standards. The main active ingredients are wheat bran, organic oils - olive, marula tree, argan, as well as ginger root extract.
  4. Cream from stretch marks from Avent. Products from the famous British company, which, in addition to cosmetics for pregnant women, is famous for the production of children's cosmetics and dishes, as well as various vitamins and additives for expectant mothers.The tool is not cheap, but how can you resist the natural composition, devoid of all sorts of fragrances and other chemicals? The main active ingredient - algae extracts, which, as well as possible, help to improve the elasticity of the epidermis.
  5. "Integrale werking" by VICHY. As most women, who have already tried VICHY stretch marks cream on themselves, confirm, this is a very comfortable and easy remedy, devoid of an oily structure, which ensures its easy application and absorption. Prevention and treatment of stretch marks is carried out due to the action of vegetable oils, silicon and hydroxyproline.
  6. Clarins Stretch Mark Control. It is an excellent prophylactic, it fights well with existing stretch marks, and also provides gentle care and nourishment to your skin. Its secret is in a unique composition based on the berries of black cucumber and the extract of Centella Asiatic.
  7. Lierac Phytolastil by LIERAC Paris. It fights perfectly with skin defects that can be caused not only by pregnancy, but also by hormonal changes, contraceptive methods and overweight. This tool has a good effect on reducing the size of fat cells, and also improves the structure of the skin and its color, increases elasticity, reduces traces of stretch marks.
  8. "Strengthening cream for the correction of stretch marks" from Dr. Pierre ricaud. A good professional tool that evens out skin tone and relief, improves the elasticity and elasticity of the upper layers. According to professionals, this is an ideal tool for those who already have stretch marks, and for those who are only afraid of getting them.
  9. "Cream from stretch marks" from Guam. The main effect of this tool is based on glycolic acid, which has a surprisingly powerful lifting effect for stretch marks. In addition, in its composition you can find useful vitamin C and natural oils that make the skin smooth and elastic.
  10. "Mama Donna" by Chico. Another safe tool for future mothers, which acts only on the surface layers, which eliminates possible harm to the future child. Effective on the basis of wheat oil, rice bran, as well as vitamin E and PP.
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