Toasts for March 8 for women and colleagues - A selection of short, funny, comic toasts in honor of March 8

801-001At the very beginning of spring, we celebrate International Women's Day. Once it was established by women trying to achieve equal rights with men for the weaker sex. Today, the holiday has almost completely lost its socio-political coloring and turned into a triumph of femininity, tenderness, grace and beauty. The young ladies no longer go out on the square of big cities that day and do not put forward any demands to the government, but put on their best clothes, make chic hairstyles, make-up and accept congratulations and pleasant gifts from men, relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

In educational institutions, offices, institutions, organizations and enterprises hold various festive events. As a rule, they end with a feast,where for the beautiful half of humanity they raise glasses and under merry, humorous, short toasts in honor of March 8, they drink light and strong drinks to the bottom. In a perky, funny humorous form, the ladies want all the benefits of life and are asked to remain just as kind, optimistic, joyful and understanding.

Funny, short toasts on March 8 in verse for women

International Women's Day is not complete without banquets, receptions and just cozy get-togethers for a glass of champagne, wine or stronger drinks, depending on the personal predilections of the participants of the events. Of course, at such a pleasant moment everyone wants to say a few good words to the heroes of the celebration and to please them with warm, kind, optimistic speeches and wishes. But not at all at such a moment it turns out to masterfully cast one's thoughts into a beautiful and bright speech. In order not to experience embarrassment, choosing the right words, it is worth preparing for a feast in advance and memorizing some cool, short toasts in honor of March 8 in verse. Funny, vigorous texts with a clear tact are perfectly perceived by the ear, even by a slightly drunken company, and always cause only the most pleasant emotions.A person who is able at the right time not to become confused and utter a joking, memorable toast, immediately attracts attention and almost automatically becomes the soul of the company.


If at the table there are people who know each other well, you can allow yourself some liberties in terms of meaning and fill the toast with notes of levity and frivolous hints. When those present are familiar not too closely, it is better to confine ourselves to simple, fun verses that do not contain ambiguous phrases that only a limited circle of people can understand. Otherwise, some guests will feel awkward and find themselves superfluous at this "celebration of life."


For the beautiful half,
I'll drink a glass today,
I wish everyone I am a man,
So that the world lay down at her feet!

I wish you happiness,
And so that for no reason flowers
On March 8 I congratulate you,
Let joy fill the days!


International Women's Day,
Happy day of tenderness and beauty
I will drink for you beautiful
For your bright dreams!

For happiness, joy, for luck,
To always love you
I wish everyone all the best,
And so that your soul blossomed!


For the spring women's day,
I raise my glass,
And I wish everyone good,
I wish you happiness and joy!

Funny prose toasts on March 8 for ladies


Not only poetic but prosaic toasts in honor of March 8 can be funny, fun and funny. They are suitable for companies of any age and look as if a person speaks them in his own words, as they say, in the process of coming up with bright, interesting and perky texts. And even if in the process of pronouncing some phrases will be slightly changed, absolutely no one will notice and the audience will think that the text should have originally sounded that way, and not differently.


Well, well, I propose to overturn a glass of champagne for the light and warmth that women bring to our lives and wish them never to meet with depression and pain and loss. May there always be a place for love in your lives, and you yourself will become more beautiful every year. On March 8, dear ladies!


Apparently not by chance the most feminine day is celebrated in the spring. After all, not that does not make women even more beautiful, as the spring time. For you, beautiful halves of humanity!


Dear ladies, our life becomes much more pleasant if it lights up with our smiles and dims from the tears we shed.So let's have a drink, on this women's day, for the reasons for a smile to multiply. Well, and tears, if they would appear, then, only, from happiness. On the eighth of March, beautiful nymphs.

Toasts on March 8 to women colleagues with humor and cool wishes


A festive corporate event on the occasion of International Women's Day is considered almost a mandatory event in offices, enterprises and organizations. Some for this momentous occasion go with the whole team to a restaurant, others lay a festive table in one of the work rooms and raise their glasses there for the “lovely ladies”. During the celebration, beautiful, pleasant toasts are held in honor of the 8th of March. Women-colleagues in an easy, humorous way congratulate with the spring holiday of beauty and supplement these kind words with cool, cheerful wishes. Unmarried ladies want to meet the Prince with a bag of money, who have already found their happiness, are advised to take care of him and not “saw” over trifles. Persistent builders of a dizzying career are advised to remain calm, to show restraint and not to pay attention to competitors, and those who have already fallen into high offices are asked to show loyalty to subordinates and forgive them some errors of behavior and discipline.In addition, everyone without exception wishes mutual love, female happiness, good luck, luck, everyday joys and financial well-being.


Our beautiful girls,
The company of our flowers,
Congratulations on March 8,
And we wish you to shine like lights!

I raise my glass for you,
For the enchanting beauty,
I wish you to bloom
And I wish to realize the dream!


Not one peacock starts to spread its tail, if there are only males nearby. Similarly, male workers, without women's society, work not so impressively. Let's drink for the lovely ladies who make our working day a little brighter and richer. For you, colleagues.


Our beautiful colleagues,
Flowers team you,
Such lovely, beautiful,
All men are at your feet!

I have my own glass, for your happiness,
For your joy I will raise,
Let everything be fine with you
On March 8, I want to congratulate!

Comical toasts on March 8 from women


On the eve of March 8, not only men but also women themselves make beautiful, funny and comic toasts for beautiful ladies. They in verse and prose congratulate each other on the coming holiday, raise their glasses and wish their friends all the good things that you can imagine.This list includes attentive, loving, generous men, obedient children, healthy parents, supportive bosses and other important components of the life of a modern woman.

Ladies ask each other to always be beautiful and make others smile with shining smiles, not to get upset over trifles and forgive offenders, not to deny themselves chocolates and pastries, but never get better, look royally in the most simple, unpretentious clothes and inspire others to great things and great things. Women put much spiritual warmth and cordiality into these humorous words, and the melodious sound of the “shuffled” glasses as if completes the ritual and gives the signal that all wishes start coming true, and not in the distant future, but as soon as possible.


I sincerely want to congratulate
Happy International Women's Day!
A little more amuse
Spiteful joke, but with fire!
I wish you a floral sea
Don't find your bed.
With a loved one soon
You until morning flowers mint!
And the way the soul from pleasures
Yelling like a skinny cat in March!
I wish new sensations -
March 8th, all year round


On March 8, all girls, women, grandmothers get what they often lack - male attention. So let the men never deprive us, women, in this. And then, for sure, we will always delight them with our happy smiles. For us girls!


My dear girls! On this delightful spring holiday, you would like to wish that you would always be in demand as women. What would be the only one who would appreciate you not only for your merits, but also admire your shortcomings. May you always be loved and most importantly love back. Remember that if a man wants to be always with you, he will find a way to do it in any situation! Happy holiday!

Beautiful, short toasts on March 8 for women in prose

Purple Blush

When a large company gathers at the table for International Women's Day, absolutely everyone present wants to greet beautiful ladies. Of course, in such a situation, long, lengthy speeches will be somewhat out of place, but short, beautiful prose toasts, glorifying women and the spring holiday on March 8 will be more appropriate than ever. This will allow to speak out to all the guests and not too distract the society from the banquet and entertainment program.


I drink to women.
To languish in them
And tenderness, and courage stock,
So without complacency at their mercy
Tigers giving in us surrendered!


March 8 - the day when a woman feels like a woman, and a man - a man. Let us have a drink so that this feeling does not leave us in the other days of the year!

Let this day be happy,
And all dreams come true.
Let the sun shine to you everywhere
And the flowers are smiling.

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