Tired of flies in the house? Learn how to get rid of them.

Many of us just hate flies. They, flying into the room, can form whole colonies. Sometimes even specially designed chemical agents can not cope with them for a long time. This problem worries, probably, each of us, so we will tell you as long as possible, or even get rid of the flies forever.

The reason for the appearance of these insects in the house are cesspools and compost heaps, where insects lay their eggs. They can also multiply in the soil of indoor plants. In apartments, they debug eggs in the trash can or on the products that you left on the table. Therefore, make sure that there are no such places in the room for their reproduction.

In order to get rid of flies in your house or apartment, you can use some specially designed tools. You can also use traditional methods, they can also be quite effective.

Before discussing methods of dealing with these creatures, let us dwell on the reasons for getting rid of them, as well as their danger to human health.

The danger of finding flies in the house

These insects are carriers of many diseases. If a fly lands on your food, it can infect them with bacteria, which, in addition to food poisoning, can even cause death. Their habitat is great for the development of diseases.

The fly sits on the places of accumulation of garbage, and then on our products, thereby infecting them. The consequences of infection from flies can be such diseases: conjunctivitis, cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, tuberculosis, anthrax, salmonellosis, as well as carriers of parasitic worms.

Popular ways to get rid of flies

Getting rid of these insects can be divided into 2 stages:

  1. Finding and cleaning places of pollution. Being at this stage, thanks to the cleaning and cleaning, you can significantly reduce the number of flies. This will allow you to keep their growth under control. Do not forget to take out the garbage in time and close the tanks. As they become dirty, wash them with a solution of vinegar. Flies do not like this smell.Throwing packets in the garbage chute, tie them well.
  2. The next step is getting rid of adult flies indoors. Since they no longer have a breeding ground, the problem is the destruction of the insects themselves. In order to live flies, you can use repellents that are in any store. But unfortunately, these tools are not safe, so consider the folk methods.

Folk remedies and prevention of appearance

  1. Vodka. This is not a cheap way to kill insects. Flies do not like the smell of vodka, so it must be sprayed in the whole room where they are. Also this method can be used when working in the garden. Pound the body with vodka, and flies will not bother you with your intrusiveness.
  2. Essential oils. Flies do not like the smell of mint, lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus.
  3. Carnation The smell of cloves, these insects also can not tolerate. It is recommended to put on the saucer pieces 15 buds of carnations.
  4. Flavors from flies. You can make your own flavoring and put it on the veranda. To do this, take two lemons, then cut them in half and in each half of the lemon stick a few clove buds.Put everything on a saucer and leave on the table. Because of this, insects will not climb into your plate.
  5. Hazel lotion. Mix half a glass of vinegar and half a glass of hazelnut, then add 50 drops of eucalyptus oil to this solution. This solution can be rubbed open areas of the body.
  6. Traps for flies. To get rid of these insects in the house, you can make a homemade trap. All we need is a liquid to attract flies and an empty can. As a liquid, you can use plain water or milk, add jam or honey to them.
  7. Sugar trap. Make a solution of sugar and pour it into the jar. Then make a cone of paper and insert it into the jar so that it does not touch the solution. Flies are very fond of sugar, so do not remain indifferent. After they crawl into the jar with a solution, from there they will not get out. So act all personally made traps. You can also cover the jar with a bag and make several holes in it.
  8. The following recipe is filling the can with beer. Instead of beer, you can pour in a saucer 2 cm of vinegar and a few drops of dishwashing detergent.Mix everything and put it in a place where there are a lot of insects.
  9. Make a solution of syrup, sugar and black pepper. Having eaten such yummy insect, it will die in 3-4 days.
  10. Mechanical methods used by all. These include a fly swatter or just a folded magazine or newspaper. The only disadvantage of this method is that traces remain on the surfaces. Explain how to use this method, probably not necessary. In childhood, children killed these insects with a rubber band or a slingshot. But this method is most likely suitable for boys.
  11. Velcro for flies. They are saturated with a means that attracts insects. On them flies fly like honey and stick. You can buy them in almost any store or make your own. For this you need to make a very strong syrup from sugar. To make the effect better, you can add a little honey. Then cut the strips from Kraft paper and leave them in the syrup for a while. After that, dry them and hang them in places where insects live.
  12. Indoor floral plants. There are predator flowers that feed on flies. You can buy one of these plants.This, for example, sundew, flycatcher or Zhiryanka.
  13. Geranium. This is a fairly well-known indoor plant. Again, it is beginning to come into fashion to plant this plant in pots. Flies and moths also do not like room geraniums.
  14. Plants and herbs. Flies do not like the smell of some plants. Just plant these herbs around your home.
  15. Basil. This is a plant that is widely used in cooking. Basil leaves emit an aroma that insects dislike. Drop it around the house or in the pot, put it on the windowsill. If you do not have fresh basil, take the dried green of this plant and hang it in the house.
  16. Bay leaf. In the house he will always be. It can also be used against flies.
  17. Tansy. This plant is not widely grown, but it can be seen growing on the fields or along the road. In addition to flies, the smell of tansy is repelled by mice, bedbugs, ticks and moths.

Now you know what to do in order to get rid of these annoying insects. Take advantage of our advice and they will no longer disturb you.

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