Tips for choosing mascara for eyelashes

Mascara is an integral part of makeup. Mascara gives eyes expressiveness and originality, gives individuality.


The variety that the modern cosmetics industry gives us, does not cease to surprise! Mascara of various colors, waterproof, bulky, lengthening. What to choose you will tell an interesting site.


If the eyelashes are weak, use mascara with a healing and firming effect. This mascara has a special composition, which includes specific proteins and conditioner.


Mascara with the effect of volume suitable for thick long eyelashes, it will give extra volume.


Mascara with an extension effect in its composition contains special fibers, which create this very effect. Such mascara will suit the owners of not very long and not thick eyelashes.


Curling mascara is used to obtain the effect of additional bending.


Waterproof mascara with ordinary water can not be washed, since it has a water repellent property.In addition, it is quite aggressive towards the eyelashes. Too often, such mascara should not be used, especially if the eyelashes are weak or damaged.


Mascara-primer is mascara, usually of light color, specially designed for applying the base for the basic color mascara. It adds extra volume and length.


What color you choose, it depends on your taste and imagination, but still it is better to adhere to the color of eyes and skin tone, and, of course, the style of clothing.


And one more important point. It is better not to use expired mascara. This may cause an allergic reaction.

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