Tip 2: How to tie a headscarf

Choose the appropriatehandkerchief. It should be large enough - 90 to 90 or 110 to 110 centimeters. Try to try and shawls - they are distinguished by an even larger size - up to 150 centimeters on one side. Pick up a soft, plastic, well-draped fabric - thin or thicker silk, cotton, viscose or wool. Scarves decorated with fringe, tassels or decorative braid look very nice.
Try the simplest, but effective option - "Convertible". Fold the square on a diagonal and put it on your head, covering part of the forehead. Tuck the sides tightly, holding them with your hands. Put the ends back and, without tightening it, tie them with a strong double knot. Straighten the fabric with both hands, having turned it on the forehead and temples. The result was a free hood, which can be worn even with a very voluminous hairstyle, and the fabric will not slip off the hair.
Smallhandkerchiefcan be turned into a comfortable and spectacular headdress.Choose a model of thin cotton or viscose, fold it with a triangle and throw it on the front of the front, slightly lowering it. Take the ends with both hands and twist them into strands. Get the strands on the back of the head and secure with a double knot, straightening the tips.
From a large thin silk scarf you can roll a beautiful turban that will decorate an extravagant summer outfit. Fold the square diagonally, put it on your head so that the fold is at the back of the neck perpendicular to the neckline, and a wide angle hangs over your forehead. Pull the side ends forward and up, cross them over your forehead. Stretch them to the back of the head and secure, tying a double knot and tucking it under the hem at the neck. The angle hanging over his forehead, tuck up, under the crossed panels, imitating a knot. Carefully straighten the drape.
Another summer option -handkerchieffrom crepe de chine or chiffon, tied at the side. Take a large shawl, wrap one edge around your head, covering your forehead and picking up hair under the fabric. Tighten the canvas tightly and collect the ends of the shawl under your left ear, holding them together with a flower-shaped brooch. This model perfectly complements the beach toilets - wide flowing pants, long skirts, tunics and pareos.

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