Thrush in women - symptoms, causes, treatment and diet

Thrush is an extremely unpleasant infectious disease of the skin and mucous membranes. Fungus Candida, provoking candidiasis, constantly lives on the human body in moderation. It is located on the skin, in the mouth, in the genitourinary and digestive system. Problems arise when the fungus begins to develop rapidly. That is why you need to know the symptoms and treatment of thrush in women at home.

Candidiasis is a disease that is common in girls and brings many inconveniences with frequent relapses. The disease affects the chest, mouth and vagina. Since the last case is the most common, let's talk about it.

To counter the candidiasis use medical and folk remedies. In addition, doctors have developed preventive measures that minimize the risk of this yeast infection.

Causes of candidiasis

  • Reduced immunity.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Oral contraceptive use.
  • Overweight and diabetes.
  • Intestinal dysbiosis.
  • Infectious diseases.
  • Incorrect food.
  • Neglect of hygiene rules.

Under normal conditions, a small amount of yeast lives in the vagina. Under the influence of certain factors these microorganisms begin to multiply rapidly. As a result, the alkaline environment becomes acidic, which leads to symptoms of thrush.

In some girls, heralds of candidiasis are pronounced, in others - little noticeable. Without proper treatment, the disease can develop into a chronic form that can worsen the quality of life by constant discomfort and painful sensations. It is necessary to start treatment as soon as possible.


  1. Burning and itching directly in the vagina and in the area of ​​the external genital organs. Itching manifests itself more strongly when a woman is sitting up, with her legs crossed.
  2. The appearance of whitish discharge with a sour smell. Sometimes the smell is absent, and the consistency of discharge is heterogeneous, with cottage-cheese-like lumps. The volume of discharge increases dramatically after sex, water treatments and sleep.
  3. Redness and swelling of the labia.During urination or sexual intercourse, the woman experiences pain.

Very often, after menstruation, thrush disappears, because during the period of menstruation the vaginal microflora is alkaline. In such conditions, yeast can not develop. Chronic thrush appears before the menstrual cycle and is much more difficult to deal with. Then medicines and folk remedies will come to the rescue. You should not run the problem, as it may contribute to the appearance of trichomoniasis, gonorrhea and genital herpes.

Treatment for thrush at home

Medicine is constantly evolving, as a result of which new drugs against diseases, including thrush, appear on the drug shelves every year. However, the proposed methods of traditional medicine to combat candidiasis still remain relevant.

I warn you, the information below is for informational purposes only. Before using any medication, be sure to consult a doctor.


The scheme, type of treatment for thrush, medications and their combination is prescribed only by a qualified doctor.I do not recommend self-treatment, otherwise it will be more difficult to achieve the best result. In addition, irrational therapy can lead to the transition of acute thrush to the chronic form, which is characterized by high drug resistance.

Acute thrush is recommended to treat with ointments and suppositories, and recurrent or chronic - with tablets.


Fighting thrush pills has several advantages that every girl should know.

  • They kill the fungus in the genitals, destroy microorganisms throughout the female body, even if at a certain point the concentration of fungi is insignificant.
  • Prevent the multiplication and growth of microorganisms and contribute to the death of mycelium.
  • The list of such drugs is present Fluconazole, Difluzol, Nystatin, Mikatin, Mikomask and others. Each of these drugs is easily absorbed into the bloodstream and promptly goes to the affected area.

Experts recommend treatment for both sexual partners, even if one of them does not have the clinical manifestations of candidiasis.These drugs are not suitable for dealing with thrush during pregnancy.


Antifungal candles have spread in the fight against thrush in women. Let's see what is the secret of the popularity of candles from candidiasis.

  1. Quickly eliminate the symptoms of the disease, including itching, discharge and discomfort during sex.
  2. In the composition of some vaginal candles, in addition to the antifungal drug, there are other important substances. In the list of such drugs is Terzhinan and Klion-D.
  3. Sold candles for the prevention of thrush. For example, Ginezol.

Disadvantages: not suitable for external use, good effect is achieved only in combination with tablets.

There are frequent cases when the treatment of thrush is complex, since it is impossible to solve the problem with the help of tablets. Then special ointments come to the rescue.

  • Ideal for fast outdoor use. Pimafucin is on the ointment list.
  • Cost inexpensive, easy to use and practically free of side effects. They can even be used by men.
  • Some species contain several active ingredients.Among such remedies are Polygynax and Dalacin-Cream.

The only drawback of ointments is that they are not suitable for use in cases where a focal infection is located deep inside. In this case, use candles and capsules.

Folk remedies

Usually, thrush is treated with medication. However, coping with candidiasis and popular tools that allow you to save. They come to the rescue when there is no opportunity to purchase medicines, during pregnancy or during lactation.Be sure to consult your doctor before using any treatment for thrush.

  1. Douching soda. This method allowed women to conduct an effective fight against thrush at a time when there were no vaginal suppositories. To prepare the solution in a liter of water dissolve a spoon of soda. In order for the medicine to have a disinfecting effect on the body, add a drop of iodine to the solution.
  2. . When thrush is suitable for internal compresses and irrigation of the mucous membrane. One part of the honey is dissolved in ten parts of water and used for syringing. In the solution, you can soak the swab from gauze and leave it in the vagina overnight.It is recommended to do honey douches until the thrush subsides.
  3. Herbal irrigation. Reduce inflammation and disinfect the vagina. For held in the morning and evening douches suitable chamomile decoction.
  4. Broth of oak bark. Douching decoction normalizes the microflora and heals the mucous membrane. It is recommended to use only a strong decoction.
  5. Yogurt Tampons. Make a tampon from a small piece of sterile bandage, equip it with a long thread for extraction, put it in yogurt for a moment and inject it deeply. In the morning, a tampon should be removed and douched with chamomile broth. This approach will allow to overcome the thrush in two weeks.
  6. Carrot juice. Increases the immunity of the vaginal mucosa. With the disease per day is recommended to drink 3 cups of juice. Suitable for douching. However, before using carrot juice diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 1.

Of course, I can not guarantee that it will be possible to cope with thrush only by folk remedies. If they prove ineffective, you will have to buy medicines. And remember, candidiasis is a disease that is characterized by frequent relapses.

Thrush during pregnancy

Causes of thrush during pregnancy

  • Hormonal changes. To carry the child normally, the body rebuilds the endocrine system. At the same time, gestagens predominate in the balance of hormones, which promote the reproduction of yeast fungi.
  • Weakening of immunity. The female body sees the fetus as a genetically alien element. At the same time, the work of immunity is focused on preventing the ingestion of third-party genetic material. To prevent the rejection of the fetus, mother nature has created a mechanism that during pregnancy suppresses the immune defense, which leads to thrush.
  • Predisposing factors. Diabetes, chronic bowel disease, poor diet, vitamin deficiency, and antibiotic use lead to the appearance of the disease.

What if there was candidiasis while waiting for the baby? It is no secret that many drugs are not recommended for girls in the situation, and folk recipes can only worsen the condition, especially if the necessary knowledge is not available.During the first weeks of pregnancy, the disease is rare. The probability of occurrence increases with increasing term.

  1. Practice shows that it is more difficult to deal with thrush in the first trimester, because during this period it is undesirable to use drugs. All because the laying of systems and organs in the fetus is carried out.
  2. In the later periods, the doctor can prescribe a lot of drugs, only during pregnancy it is impossible to completely cure the ailment.
  3. Fight the disease can be with ointments and candles, regardless of the period. Tablets can be taken only on prescription. Douching with soda or manganese is strictly prohibited. Only the doctor can tell if it is possible to use this or that drug in pregnancy.
  4. During the first third of the term, you can use candles Pimafutsin and Betanid. In the future, as prescribed by the doctor, Ginofort and Clotrimazole.

If in the process of carrying a child there are signs of thrush, try to immediately consult a doctor and begin treatment.

Diet for thrush

Practice shows that even after a successful treatment this attack is necessarily returned. A diet for thrush helps delay the relapse.

What to exclude from the diet

  • Eliminate sweets from the diet and minimize sugar intake. Thanks to sugar, the yeast fungus that causes candidiasis is rapidly developing. The refusal of biscuits, cakes and soda - just a small step towards the complete abandonment of products, which include sugar.
  • The source of sugar is also berries, fruits and natural juices. It is recommended to discard the listed products until itching and discharge disappear.
  • Exclude white bread, pastries, rice and potatoes, as these products increase blood sugar levels. If you cannot do without such food, replace it with brown rice or whole grain bread.
  • Refuse alcoholic beverages. Ideally, stop drinking altogether, because the effects of alcohol are destructive for the whole body.

To refuse the listed products it is necessary in the presence of pronounced signs of thrush.

What to include in the diet

The composition of the diet for thrush should include foods rich in vitamins and trace elements. In addition, this diet will appeal to young ladies who want to lose weight.

  1. The diet should include vegetables and fruits, characterized by a low sugar content, fish and cereal products.Lingonberries and lemons regularly reduce the amount of fungus.
  2. Add only natural spices and seasonings, including cloves, cinnamon, laurel and garlic. Yeast fungus does not like decoctions cooked on the basis of clover, alfalfa, chamomile or plantain.
  3. Cucumbers, carrots and beets. Dill, parsley, apples and plums contribute to the death of the fungus and saturate the body with vitamins.
  4. Natural yoghurts, boiled eggs and seafood can be consumed without restrictions.

Girls who adhere to such a diet speak positively of her.

Prevention of thrush

Prevention of thrush, providing for the observance of a set of simple rules, must be continuous. Undoubtedly, some ladies will be forced to change their usual way of life, but health is worth it. If you have successfully completed treatment or do not want to feel unpleasant manifestations of candidiasis, listen to the following tips.

  • Use barrier protection during intercourse. It's about condoms. It is extremely important to adhere to this rule for girls without a permanent sexual partner.
  • Conduct a comprehensive examination of the body and detect hidden diseases. This is especially true of the urinary system. Getting rid of a disease that provokes a decrease in immunity, will cure thrush.
  • If possible, stop taking hormonal contraceptives, under the influence of which conditions favorable for the development of fungi are created in the body.
  • Remove synthetic underwear from wardrobe. Materials that are poorly airborne, create a greenhouse effect and increase humidity in intimate places. The ideal is underwear made of silk or cotton fabric. Underwear is often changed, washed, and thoroughly dried.
  • Pay special attention to the hygiene of intimate places. Moderately use fragrances, deodorants and other flavored products.
  • After water procedures, genitals wipe dry. Remember, even to wipe properly, otherwise the likelihood of bacteria drift significantly increase. This should be done from front to back.
  • Discard frequent douching. Together with pathogenic microorganisms, the useful microflora is washed out of the vagina, which is replaced by a fungus.
  • Abandon a strict diet and pay attention to nutrition, because strict restrictions weaken the body.
  • Refuse alcohol and cigarettes. This will not only delay the next appearance of thrush, but will also have a beneficial effect on the work of all systems and organs.

Now you clearly know what a thrush is, what symptoms it has and how to treat it with folk and medical remedies.

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