Three-phase single-phase voltage for 5 minutes

Getting a three-phase voltage of 380 V from a single-phase 220 V in your garage can be quite simple. It does not take much time, the whole circuit can be connected in 5 minutes without too much difficulty. For example, you need to start a powerful 3 or 4 kW engine. It would seem that it can be powered according to the classical scheme from a single-phase circuit through a capacitor, but it was not there. With such switching on, the cherished power is lost by forty percent, plus its launch will be incredibly heavy, or even impossible, if the engine is initially loaded. It is for these purposes that phase splitters are used that help evenly distribute all values ​​across all three phases. br>Using them, you can power up not only motors and installations with three-phase asynchronous motors, but also any other consumers that require three-phase voltage of 380 V.

You will need

You can make a simple phase splitter from a powerful motor.Its power should be 1.5 - 2 kW more than the powered device. For example, if you need to power the compressor for 3 kW, then for the circuit you need to take a more powerful engine at 4.5 kW and above. In this example, a 5.5 kW motor is applied.

Phase splitter circuit

Three-phase voltage from single-phase
As you can see, the scheme is incredibly simple. First, the single-phase voltage is supplied to the high-powered motor with the star switched on. The phase shift is carried out by a capacitor (the classical scheme described above). And we remove a uniform three-phase voltage from it.

As implemented

First, the connection goes to a powerful motor (there is no starting capacitor in the frame).
Three-phase voltage from single-phase
And already through a packet switch we turn on the motor - load.
Three-phase voltage from single-phase

System startup

You should always start the system as follows. First, we apply voltage from a single-phase network to a powerful motor. Its shaft is free of load. The motor begins to gradually unwind.After some time, its turnover reached the optimum. Only after that you can turn on the load by clicking the bag. The connected engine as a load can unwind without problems even under load.

What does it give and how does it work?

When the 5.5 kW engine is unwound, it will begin to evenly divide all the energy between the phases. As soon as the load is connected (3 kW), which at the time of launch consumes enormous power. All this lack of energy takes a powerful motor, as the voltage in the network for a moment decreases, and the inertia of the shaft continues to rotate. Naturally, its speed under load will drop slightly. After the unwinding of the connected motor, the speed of the expression of the shaft of the powerful engine will return to the norm, creating a smooth jump in the network. If in a nutshell, the engine in the splitter has the peculiar role of a three-phase capacitor or buffer that does not allow a sudden voltage drop, and evenly distributing the shifts phase by phase without warping.

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