Thick and long eyelashes - it is possible

Thick and long eyelashes - it is possibleLong eyelashes make the look extremely attractive. They were so often sung by poets and classics. A woman with a languid and expressive look always excited even the coldest men's hearts. It is not necessary to have an exceptional appearance. Properly selected and applied makeup sometimes works wonders. And eyes with beautifully painted eyelashes play an important role in the completion of the image. If nature is not rewarded with thick and long eyelashes, do not be upset. There are many ways to make a difference.

What you need to do to lashes thicker and longer

If the eyelashes began to lose density, you need to figure out why this happens. This is the same hair and its loss can be associated with any disease. Do not save when choosing carcasses. Cheap and poor-quality cosmetics sometimes creates serious problems for the skin and eyelashes. You should not get involved in curls and build-up, these procedures deplete the cilia.And do not forget to do prophylaxis, enriching eyelashes with vitamins.
Ways of care:

  • classic castor oil. It was used even by our grandmothers, but the effectiveness remained the same. Can be mixed with flaxseed. Apply with a soft brush before bedtime;
  • mix olive oil with freshly squeezed carrot juice and apply on eyelashes in the evening. The result is not long in coming;
  • a great remedy for prevention - burdock oil. For greater efficiency, you can mix with liquid vitamin A and E;
  • perfectly saturate with vitamins tired cilia sea buckthorn oil;
  • Thick and long eyelashes - it is possible

  • very strengthens the eyelashes broth hips. Washing them in the morning will benefit the eyes and skin;
  • will give beauty to eyelashes a compress with aloe juice. You need to do it at least twice a week;
  • shine eyes betray lotions of strong brewed tea for 20 minutes. You can apply the used tea bags, the result will be the same;
  • Mix carrot and cabbage juice with olive oil. Apply with a soft brush before bedtime. The course of treatment is one month;
  • well help vitamin complexes to strengthen hair and nails, which can be purchased at any pharmacy;
  • having bought a special fortified mascara, you render your cilia an invaluable service.

All means are applied only after removing makeup and thoroughly cleansed face. Get rid of the mascara from the mascara will help olive oil, at the same time and saturate them with vitamins. The result will be visible in a month. Under no circumstances should alcohol, pepper, onions and other irritants come into the cilia, this may injure them. Never go to sleep without removing makeup. This will create the breeding ground for bacteria, and acne is assured to you.Thick and long eyelashes - it is possible

How to artificially make thick and long eyelashes

In the women's arsenal, there are many tricks to emphasize the appearance and give your image more charm. Luxurious eyelashes - the dream of every girl and woman. In modern cosmetology there are plenty of ways to achieve this result.

  • a good lengthening mascara will make the lashes fluffy and elongated with beautiful curves;
  • powder cilia lightly before applying mascara with regular powder, they will become especially fluffy;
  • false eyelashes, but not too long, look very impressive, as well as extended.

Thick and long eyelashes - it is possibleBut the most important thing is natural beauty. Proper care will not replace artificial cosmetology. Watch the state of your cilia, do not forget about the preventive treatment, use high-quality cosmetics, and you will become a happy owner of long and thick eyelashes.

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