The secrets of cooking delicious fish sticks

Crispy, juicy and spicy fish sticks are a dish loved by many. Not only is it prepared from such a tasty and healthy product as fish, it also goes great as a side dish or as a pleasant snack for beer or other beverages.

The dish so popular today became famous in the 60s of the last century, when it first appeared on the shelves of British stores. Since then, the idea of ​​chopsticks from fish has been picked up by many other companies and manufacturers, but still today, many consumers prefer home fish chopsticks.

As you might guess, the home product is always healthier and tastier than the store, because at home you will definitely use fresh ingredients of good quality. Typically, for the preparation of such snacks use varieties of white fish, for example, hake, cod, pollock, pike perch, catfish and so on. Such a fish is quite lean, well suited to storage and does not give the feeling of rancidity when frying.

But there are lovers of sticks from more fatty varieties of fish, for example, salmon. In store products, most often, fish minced, where several varieties are mixed at once, sometimes even with bones and skin, the result is appropriate. If you do not have time for household sticks, then it's best to buy those that are made from whole grades, which should be on the packaging.

How to cook tasty and healthy fish sticks at home? In principle, the dish belongs to the category of lungs, so that even the most beginning hostess can cope with it. That is convenient, such a dish can always be prepared as a semi-finished product and, if necessary, to cook it in the shortest possible time.

For the dish, you need to stock up on fish fillets, preferably with skins and bones previously removed, as well as breading, in which the sticks will be fried. Most often, for these purposes, use breadcrumbs, however, there are options with a special dough, corn flour or powder. Well, let's try to make homemade yummy?

Breadcrumbs Recipe

So what do we need?

  • cod fillet - 150 g;
  • lemon juice - 0.5 pcs .;
  • breadcrumbs - 50 g;
  • flour, egg, salt and vegetable oil.

We start cooking with the processing of the fillet: it must be cut into long strips of 8-9 cm, width - 3 cm, to get sticks. Next, squeeze the juice out of half a lemon, mix it with a small amount of oil (vegetable or olive), and then dip each slice of fish into the prepared mixture and send it to the refrigerator for half an hour.

Now let's get breaded. To do this, prepare three deep plates: in the first you need to beat an egg with a pinch of salt, in the next we pour the breadcrumbs, well, and in the third - a little flour. We take the fillet out of the refrigerator and, in turn, begin to roll it down first in flour, then dip it in a beaten egg and, finally, in breadcrumbs. It is necessary to fry fish sticks on a hot frying pan for about 4 minutes on each side.

By the way, if roasting on butter is too high-calorie for you, you can always bake the sticks in the oven, the main thing is not to overdry them.

Recipe of fish sticks in batter

For the preparation we need:

  • fish fillet (any white) - 500 g;
  • greens - 25 g;
  • onions - 100 g;
  • egg - 1 piece;
  • semolina - 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • flour, salt, pepper.

Onion is peeled and, together with the fish fillet, is scrolled through a meat grinder. Greens should be finely chopped, and then mixed together with minced fish and semolina, salt everything to taste and mix thoroughly. If the fish you have completely lean, then for the taste you can add a little olive oil.

Make a batter: to do this, mix the egg with two tablespoons of flour, add a little salt and black pepper, then pour in a little water and beat everything with a mixer.

Further from the minced fish you need to form small sticks - about 5 cm in length and 2 cm in width, roll each in batter and fry in a hot frying pan for about 5 minutes on each side to a state of readiness. Such a snack is appropriate to serve along with a salad, fresh vegetables or French fries.

Recipe for salmon and parmesan chopsticks

For cooking you will need:

  • salmon fillet - 400 g;
  • Parmesan - 35 g;
  • breadcrumbs - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • Dill - 0.5 tbsp. spoons;
  • egg, flour, salt, black pepper, vegetable oil.

Prepare the salmon, and then cut it into portions of 1 cm thick. Fold the chopsticks into a bowl, add salt and pepper, stir and leave to stand for 10 minutes.At this time we’ll do breadcrumbs: mix the rusks with grated parmesan, add the dill to the same place and mix.

Beat the eggs in a separate plate. In the third plate we pour out the flour, in which we begin to crumple pieces of red fish. Then we dip them in the egg and, finally, in the cheese breaded. Fry the sticks for 2 minutes on each side in a well-heated frying pan.

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