Released second season trailer for the TV series “Crown”

Do not miss the first trailer for the new season of the TV series “Crown” - one of the most expensive TV series (with a budget of 156 million dollars), which Elizabeth II herself watches on Windsor Castle on Saturdays (still, the show tells about her life!). The second season will begin with the Suez crisis and will cover the period from 1956 to 1964. We learn about the sometimes difficult relationship between the Queen and her husband Philip, about the resignation of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, known for his tough leadership style, and about the visit to Buckingham Palace of John F. Kennedy and his wife.

By the way, for the leading actors - the owners of the Golden Globe award Claire Foy and Matt Smith - the second season, alas, will be the last. Why, you ask? Peter Morgan, the creator of the series, does not want to impose make-up on the actors, and the characters will age by the third season, so the cast will be replaced. The premiere is December 8th on Netflix.

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