The pros and cons of tanning

In this article, the magazine of useful tips will tell you all the pros and cons of tanning in a solarium and in the sun.

Sunburn is not only harmful, it can be useful! When meaningful tanning benefits more than harm. But first things first.


+ The sun, including artificial, is a charge of cheerfulness and a portion of such important for us endorphins (hormones of happiness). That is why with the arrival of summer and after visiting the solarium in the winter, we feel much better.


+ Sunlight excites a large number of processes in the body, as well as metabolism. But here it is very important not to go too far, because with excessive tanning it is possible to activate cancer tumors. For this reason, when sunbathing, you need to use special sunscreen, and among other things, safety tools for nipples, lips, hair.


Do not forget that for sunbathing under the sun and in a solarium creams are special, so as not to become stained, do not confuse them! Sunburn is the load on the skin: the acquired dose of the sun must be absorbed in the skin and show up in an attractive shade. For this reason, it is not recommended to use scrubs after a tanning session.


For the same reason, it makes no sense to sunbathe often and for long. For example, tanning procedures in a solarium are made as often as possible a day later, and much better - once in 7 days, and sunbathing in the sun is much better until 11.00 and later 16.00, because the sun is not so hot.


+ Sunburn can be useful for acne, psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis and neurodermatitis, as it treats these sores or makes it easier for them. But with many diseases, sunburn is contraindicated. For example, people with tuberculosis, diabetes, bronchial asthma with frequent exacerbations are not recommended for people with liver and blood diseases. If you have something similar, the best solution is to use tanning.


+ Tan - very beautiful. Sunburn says around you about your well-being, and pallor is accepted by them as a disease.

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