The Pros and Cons of Fashionable Fatbike

If you love cycling and do not want to part with your “iron horse” under any circumstances, it makes sense to buy a fatbike. Find out what it is, how it works and why you need it.

What is it?

What is fatbike? The name comes from two English words “fat” and “bike”, which literally translates as “fat bike”. And this reflects the essence of the construction of the “iron horse”, because it is equipped with thick wheels that allow you to cross any surface at any time of the year.

It is believed that a resident of Alaska Mark Grunwald invented a fatbike in the 1980s. The vehicle allowed to drive in the conditions of severe cold. But back in the 30s of the same century, a photograph appeared in one of the newspapers with a bicycle having incredibly wide and bulky tires. Then the image was taken for an advertising campaign or a rally.

Advantages and disadvantages

Consider all the advantages of modern fatbikes:

  • Original appearance. On this bike you will surely attract surprised and enthusiastic views.
  • Excellent cross-country ability. On a fat bike you can ride over rough terrain, snow, forests. He will overcome drifts, mud, sand and other terrain variations.
  • The opportunity to ride in any climatic conditions and at any time of the year: snowy in winter, slushy in early spring or late autumn, hot summer.
  • Versatility. It is possible to ride on such a bike both on the asphalt road and in the areas with untouched nature: mountains, ravine sites.
  • Excellent shock absorption. Thanks to her, the obstacles that arise on the way are overcome gently, while the small ones remain almost invisible.
  • The ability to overcome various obstacles: road irregularities, stones, mounds. The tires are thick and strong, so they will not burst even when they hit something hard and sharp.
  • The cyclist does not shake, he does not experience significant discomfort, as on a standard bike with thin wheels, reacting to all irregularities.
  • Safe driving. Increased tire width improves stability, minimizes the risk of falls.

There are also disadvantages:

  • Considerable weight, which can reach 20-25 kilograms. Mass requires effort during the ride.The legs while pedaling are very tired, which for a beginner is fraught with pain. In addition, the growth of calf and thigh muscles is possible, which is not necessary for everyone and not always.
  • High cost, especially in comparison with standard bikes.
  • Not all rims can be installed on the wheels, which complicates repairs.
  • If the tire or the camera suffers from damage, finding it in a small locality will be problematic. It is possible to make an order via the Internet, but with such a purchase, no one guarantees that the item will be of high quality and will definitely fit. If you compare such an unusual model with standard bikes, then it has not so wide functionality. In some models, the braking system is imperfect, which is due to the inconvenience of the rear brake settings (the lumen of the brake mechanism is narrow, closed by the wheel).

Selection features

How to choose a fetbike? First of all, decide which model you need. All bicycles with thick wheels are divided into two large groups:

  1. Offset. The position of the sleeve in such models is shifted relative to the frame, the axis of the wheel and the sleeve. This design allows you to rearrange the rear wheel and front when necessary.In addition, standard parts are suitable for repairs, which will simplify troubleshooting and will avoid significant costs. But offset fats can have a very specific look.
  2. The non-zero-bearing models are distinguished by the symmetry of the design. The rear and front wheels have bushings of different sizes, and they are specialized, that is, the standard parts do not fit. But you can use rims of different widths, for example, narrow summer or extended winter ones.

Separately it is necessary to allocate collapsible fetbike. The design is the same, but the models provide the possibility of folding, and this feature will simplify storage: when folded, the bike will not take up much space. The mechanism is usually easy to use; specialized tools are not required.

Well-known large companies specializing in the production of bicycles, produce electric fatbayki equipped with motors. Of course, their cost is great, but when driving there is no need to exert great efforts: the transport is driven by an electric motor.

When buying, pay attention to three basic parameters:

  • The weight. It varies from 15-17 kilograms to 20-25.Each wheel can weigh 3-5 kg, depending on the size and width.
  • Load. Find out how much weight will withstand fetbike. If a large person will ride it, choose a model with a significant allowable maximum load - 120-130 kilograms.
  • The size of the wheels. Fatbike tires can have a width of 3.5 inches to 4.5, which corresponds to 9-12 cm. The rim has a width of 65 mm to 100. But there are massive models with five-inch wheels.


There are many manufacturers of fatbayk in different countries, but the most popular and offering quality products are such as "Surly", "TREK", "Scott", "Specialized", "Cube", "Fatback", "Vicious Cycles", "Fatbikes" .

You can buy high-quality fatbike in a large city in a specialized sports shop. If there is no such place in the settlement, or there are no modern models in the assortment, then you will have to purchase an “iron horse” via the Internet and order it on the official website of the manufacturer. Unknown intermediaries should not be trusted.

Cost of

How much is a fatback? The price depends on the functions, design, design features of the bike. All models can be conditionally divided into three price categories.Budget - this is a bikes worth up to 40 thousand. The group has options for 20-25 thousand. The second category is from 40,000 to 70,000-8,000 rubles. If you want a multifunctional, stylish and exclusive bike, you will have to pay more than 80-90 thousand rubles.

Want to buy passable transport, but do not want to change cycling? Buy a trendy fatbike. Good choice and easy bridle!

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