The most interesting summer cottages on the Yaroslavl highway

The dacha plots along the Yaroslavl highway are very popular: this direction was used in the Soviet times for the construction of summer cottages because of its eco-friendly comfort and impeccable silence. Today, active construction is underway, and the affordable cost of the plots turns them into a profitable investment option. The direction is actively developing, the construction of a backup highway will provide good transport accessibility.

Advantages of summer cottage on Yaroslavl highway

Cottage in the area of ​​Yaroslavl is the ability to spend time in the lap of nature without the noise of highways and urban smog. In this area there are no industrial enterprises and airports, there is clean water and air due to the large arrays of coniferous and mixed forests. Cottage in this area has several advantages:

No traffic problems.Asphalted roads have been connected to all sites, the Yaroslavskoye Highway will allow you to quickly get to Moscow.

  • All utilities are connected to the plots - electricity, gas, roads. This will allow faster and cheaper to complete the construction, and the country house will be equipped with all city amenities.
  • In the area of ​​Yaroslavl direction there are several reservoirs, which will appeal to lovers of fishing and swimming. Summer holidays here will become a real pleasure for the whole family.
  • Developed infrastructure. Living in the country, you can use all the nearby objects: shops, supermarkets, entertainment centers, etc.

Buying a land plot in this direction is a profitable investment. Prices for land and homes are growing rapidly, so now is the best time to buy.

Noble Lake Settlement on the Yaroslavl Direction

One of the most promising places for buying a summer cottage was the village of Noble Lake, located just 17 km from Moscow Ring Road. It is located near Ivanteevka and the Queen,therefore, you can easily use all the infrastructure facilities, thanks to the excellent transport accessibility, it is easy to get to Moscow.

In the village of electricity, gas is connected. The territory is fully landscaped: there is a children's and sports ground, a video surveillance system and a checkpoint are installed. To live here comfortably and safely, so the purchase of a plot for country house construction will be a very profitable solution. In total, the village offers 260 plots, the total area of ​​land for construction is 36.8 hectares. This is one of the most interesting places to build a summer house.

How to buy a holiday home?

To profitably buy a building plot with free paperwork, use the offer of the company "Beautiful Land." Here it is proposed to purchase land plots from the owner, buying without a contract will allow you to build a country house on an individual project.

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