The most interesting castles in Hungary

Castles, palaces and fortresses of Hungary, like silent observers, strictly and closely follow the course of history for several centuries, carefully storing its important moments. In general, there are more than 3 thousand, and 800 of them are architectural monuments, and are under state protection.

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A huge number of historical places give tourists freedom of choice, but, at the same time, makes it very difficult. Visit all at once, of course, does not work, and you have to look only for the most impressive. We decided to help a little by laying out a route consisting of several obligatory visits:

Buda Castle. It is also the Royal Palace. This grandiose construction was erected in the 13th century, and survived a huge amount of destruction. But every time, like a phoenix bird, it rose from the ashes.

Today the palace is the pride of Hungary, and you can see it from anywhere in Budapest.Rising on the top of the mountain, it is a striking example of the Baroque style and the permanent residence of the Hungarian kings.

In the center of the fortress is the famous Matthias Cathedral, in which the coronations of monarchs took place. And in the palace itself there is the National Library, which has about 6 million books, as well as several museums - the Gallery of Modern Art, the National Gallery, and the Museum of History.

Vajdahunyad Castle. It is built in a picturesque park in the heart of the capital, and is a copy built in Transylvania, the royal palace. There was a castle only at the end of the 19th century, when in the park, in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the country, it was decided to build the "Historical Pavilion".

Inside it you can see a large number of reduced copies of other Hungarian architectural landmarks.

One of the main attractions for travelers is wine tasting, which often takes place to the sound of concerts held in the castle.

Not far from the architectural composition is a statue of Anonymous - an unknown writer, who wrote the historical essay "The Acts of the Hungarians".According to legend, anyone who touches the statue will receive a piece of reason and worldly wisdom as a reward.

You can also see the Museum of Agriculture, located here.

BrunswickThe vast territory of 70 hectares, where the castle itself is of incredible beauty, and the park are impressive for their scale. On the ground floor of Brunswick is the museum of Ludwig van Beethoven. Visitors can watch films about the great composer, as well as attend concerts held in his honor.

It was created here not by chance. Beethoven was a friend of the count family of Brunswick and, arriving in Hungary, he stayed at their home. In addition, the daughters of the family were students of the composer, in each of which the maestro was in love.

In addition, travelers can take a look at the Kindergarten Museum. The history of its creation is also associated with the Brunswick family. Theresia, the daughter of the count, became known for setting up the first kindergarten in Hungary.

Bori. This place is called the "temple of love." The palace was built by architect Jeno Bori - as a sign of endless love for his wife Ilona. The erection lasted almost half a century. The master in love worked tirelessly and sold his sculptures to continue the construction, which he continued to the end of his days.And he did it without help, from the first to the last stone.

Inside the castle you can see numerous images of Ilona, ​​as well as various frescoes. In the courtyard there is a small chapel in which Jeno erected a monument of eternal love - Ilona in the image of the Madonna, at the feet of which the author of the creation bent.

Vysehrad fortress. Surely, you have heard about the famous Count Dracula, who "lived" in one of the castles in Romania. But not only she is famous for living this sinister character. In Hungary, the city of Vyshegrad, there is also a castle that served as a prison for Vlad Tepes III, better known as Dracula.

According to one of the legends, in the cellars of the fortress the count tortured animals for ten years, and another legend says that the imprisonment was akin to "home arrest". After pardon, Dracula married the king's cousin, and lived with her for the rest of his life in the castle.

Esterhazy. The external and internal luxury of this complex, shown in the photo, impresses even the most serious rich people. The palace was built on the initiative of the Esterházy family, which was famous for its love for rich decoration.

In addition to the castle itself, it was decided to erect two theaters in the territory - an opera and puppet theater, a church and a horse yard.

Now part of the castle functions as a hotel, accepting tourists, and the second part is open to visitors, like a museum.

Hungary is a great place for budget trips. Despite the fact that it is not as promoted in guidebooks as other European countries, there is always something to look at.

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