The most fashionable cocktail dresses in 2015 (14 photos)

Any girl and woman wants to be attractive and sexy, especially in special cases. If you do not want to buy an evening dress, then buy at least a beautiful cocktail. But first, find out which dresses will be fashionable in 2015.


How to choose a cocktail dress?

Of course, it is important to follow the fashion, but still when buying a cocktail dress you need to pay attention to some other points:

  • Happening. Cocktail dresses, in fact, are versatile and suitable for both social events and for going to nightclubs. If evening dresses are relevant only at official receptions, then cocktail dresses are suitable for any occasion. But if the club dress can be very frank, then the outfit, designed to go to a formal event, should be elegant and restrained.
  • Features of the figure. The dress can and should hide all the flaws of the figure and at the same time it is beneficial to emphasize the merits.So, if you have wide hips, you should not fit them, choosing a sheath dress. Hide excessively volume tummy help high waist.
  • Type of appearance. These or other colors are not all, you need to remember. So, a girl with pale skin will look ridiculous and even painful in a bright red dress. In general, there are four types of appearance: winter (light skin, dark hair, gray, brown, blue eyes), summer (light brown or blond hair, blue or green eyes, peach skin), spring (beige or pinkish skin, light eyes, golden hair), autumn (reddish hair, green or brown eyes, ivory skin). It is better to find out which colors are suitable for you, or follow a simple rule: cold tones should be combined with cold, and warm tones - with warm ones.

What will be fashionable in 2015?

What fashionable cocktail dresses to choose in the future 2015? Let's list the main trends.


For a woman vamp

What styles will be relevant? Choose from what, the options are:

  1. A-silhouette or trapezoid. This option can be called universal and almost magical. First, such models come as ladies with appetizing forms, and slender and even thin young ladies.Secondly, a dress of such a style will visually stretch the body, underline the legs, hide the volume in the upper part and balance the top and bottom of the figure. Particularly sexy and spectacular look short dresses A-line.
  2. Relevant styles in the style of "new look" with fitted top and flared bottom. It is incredibly feminine, tender and romantic. In addition, this dress can both hide the extra volume in the zone of the thighs and buttocks, and make these zones more appetizing. And models of this style emphasize the waist and at the same time hide the volumetric lower part of the abdomen (especially with a slightly high waist). These dresses can be found in collections from Valentino.
  3. Sheath dress is not for everyone. But if you are a happy owner of an ideal figure, then by all means acquire it. This model will emphasize your sexuality and femininity as well as possible, making the image elegant and sophisticated. Such dresses can be found both at fashion shows by designers such as Zac Posen, and in budget stores. Cheap models can also be elegant.
  4. Bustier dresses are incredibly sexy, but rather fit slim girls with not too wide shoulders.If the top is necessarily open shoulders and a fitted bodice, then the bottom can be almost anything.
  5. Dress balloon. The lower part of such a model is necessarily volumetric, for example, in the form of a bell or even a ball. It is not only extravagant, but also very convenient. This dress will allow you to hide voluminous hips, buttocks or abdomen.


Lace and blue

Now we list some fashion details:

  • Asymmetry. Asymmetrical original dresses can be found in the collections of Versace and other world famous fashion designers, as well as in the photo in fashion magazines. Such a detail in the next year will be more than relevant.
  • Dress with basque - a real magic wand for girls with narrow hips and not too voluminous buttocks. In addition, the Basque can hide the existing small tummy.
  • Open shoulders. You can open both shoulders at once, and one. It is very sexy, so in such a dress the attention of men is simply assured.
  • Complex details: a combination of fabrics of different textures, three-dimensional elements, inserts and so on. Originality does not hurt anyone.
  • Lacing will add zest to the image and make men pay attention to you and dream up.
  • Volumetric sleeves will also be relevant.


For a holiday

Here what fabrics will be fashionable in 2015:

  • Chiffon. Such material is simply ideal for summer or spring. The fabric is flowing and makes the silhouette lines softer, more airy and feminine. Such a romantic image is perfect for a first date.
  • Velvet to many may seem too pretentious, but in fact it is not. The correct cut, noble color - and voila! You are the real queen of the evening! Soft and at the same time feminine and elegant lines are combined with chic and make the image original.
  • Grid. Yes, erotic translucent (and in places almost completely transparent) dresses in 2015 will be in trend. But it is important not to overdo it, otherwise sexuality will turn into vulgarity.
  • Guipure. This fabric - a synonym for femininity and sexuality.
  • Sparkling silk and satin dresses are also relevant. The gloss, gloss and play of such a fabric will make a dress of even the simplest style chic.
  • Extravagant leather dresses are presented in a wide variety of cuts.
  • Lace is also in trend.

Color solutions

Dress - a combination

The most fashionable colors:

  • Passionate shades of red.
  • Deep burgundy.
  • Noble blue and indigo.
  • Fresh and beautiful turquoise color.
  • Mysterious purple and lilac.
  • Chic emerald.
  • Classic black.
  • Bright yellow.
  • You can buy a gray dress, this color will also be relevant.
  • Silver and gold.
  • Metallic colors: bronze, platinum.



Fashionable prints:

  • At the peak of fashion romantic floral patterns. It can be both bright and large flowers, as well as small motley flowers, twigs and leaves.
  • Strips, intricate broken or smooth lines. Such prints, by the way, not only will revive the image, but also can help to improve the silhouette (vertical lines visually draw the figure, and horizontal add volume where necessary).
  • Animated drawings are new and will suit young ladies.


Designers did not stint on the elements of decor, so next year we are waiting for a variety:

  • Fur. Fur inserts - a real expensive chic. But too much fur should not be, it is still a dress, not a fur coat. Choose one thing: a fur hem, fur cuffs or a collar.
  • Stones and rhinestones shine and dazzle with splendor. For a party, this is exactly what you need.
  • Feathers. Extravagant, bold and original.
  • Inserts of guipure, leather, lace and other fabrics. The stronger the insert material will be in texture than the basic fabric of the dress, the better.
  • Appliqués, embroidery.

Choose your ideal cocktail dress and shine in it at any event!


Many sequins






Stylish print

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