Main features of preppy style

To become bright, it is not enough fashion to dress. You need to choose the appropriate style. And if you are still in search, then learn as much as possible about the youth style of preppy.

What is this style?

So what is preppy? This is a style of clothing that appeared in America in the late 40s of the last century. The name of the direction comes from the English word "preparatory", which translates as "preliminary". In general, initially "preppy" was called the students of the so-called "pre-college preparatory" - educational institutions in which rich young people were prepared for admission to elite universities.

Previously, there was a whole subculture that covered a certain circle of adolescents. All the "preppy" were neat, tidy and polite, only dressed in boutiques and expensive shops, but they chose restrained and even a few strict clothes that personified seriousness and purposefulness.

Representatives of this stratum of society led a certain way of life, used a certain lexicon, abandoned bad habits.All young people wore uniforms similar to school clothes, as well as clothes for prestigious sports such as golf or tennis. And that is exactly what laid the foundations of the style.

Originally, preppy was intended for the elect, only children of influential and rich parents wore clothes in this style. But in the second half of the 1980s, it began to spread to the masses. In the 90s, its popularity began to decline, but for several seasons in a row, this trend continues to be relevant and popular.

Who is suitable?

The style is intended primarily for girls and guys polite, discreet, tactful, educated and educated, aimed at success and do not want to be distracted from the goal. As for age, of course, preppi is more suitable for adolescents and young people over the age of 14-15 and under 20-22 years old.

Main features

Features of the style:

  • The most relevant colors are such as rich blue, sand, green, mustard, red, gray, cherry, burgundy, yellow, white, khaki, gray. Soft pastel colors are also welcome, but they should be combined with brighter and deeper ones. And so that the image does not seem motley and tasteless, do not combine more than two or three tones. One color can be taken as a basis.
  • In the photo you can see that the image should be stylish, flawless, neat, discreet and thoughtful to the smallest detail. No wrinkled things, unbuttoned or torn buttons, tucked up trousers and deep cleavage.
  • In the wardrobe should be dominated by things from natural, noble and pleasant materials, such as cashmere, cotton, mohair, knitwear, viscose, mohair, tweed and so on.
  • Only neutral prints are allowed, such as a strip, diamonds and a cell. Sometimes they can be combined, but it is not advisable to combine more than two patterns, it will look tasteless and colorful.

How to dress in preppy style?

So, what kind of things can go into the wardrobe in preppy style?

  • T-shirts-polo permissible tones.
  • Pleated skirts knee-length or slightly taller. Pencil and pleated models are also allowed. But you can wear a straight skirt or with a smell.
  • Knitted vests.
  • Jackets.
  • Shorts from dense material. But they should not be too much.
  • Bomber jacket
  • Knit light cardigan.
  • Pants. Especially popular are the classic arrows, but slightly narrowed, “bananas”, “pipes”, “skinny”, “chinos”.
  • A-line dress made from solid thick fabric.
  • Light summer fitted dress made of solid opaque fabric.
  • The so-called tennis dress.
  • Sweatshirts, pullovers, blazers, jumpers.
  • In the cold season it is best to wear coats and trench coats.
  • Blouses, shirts (both monophonic, and in a cage).

What shoes are suitable?

Shoes should be, above all, comfortable and preferably made from natural materials such as suede or leather. Excessively high heels and the more studs are not allowed. The maximum permissible height is 4-5 centimeters.

The most suitable options are: “loffers”, boots, ankle boots, neat pumps, moccasins, ballet flats, “oxfords” or “brogues”, “derby”, “top siders” and so on. In the summer you can wear neat sandals, and preferably with a closed nose.

Appropriate accessories

If you choose a bag, then pay attention to such models as a portfolio, a clutch, a pouch, a tote, a "postman". You can also safely buy a backpack, but preferably small and made of either leather or thick fabric.

As for hair accessories, choose cute ones, as if intended for schoolgirls: headbands, elastic bands with bows, invisible hairpins and so on.

Headgear should be restrained, but all feminine and romantic. Pay attention to the hats of such models as cloak, Fedor, trilby. Actual berets, including quite voluminous.

If you wear jewelery, choose extremely elegant and preferably expensive ones. Jewelery, large stones and rings in the form of skulls are inappropriate! You can wear discreet ring earrings or studs (the so-called “carnations”), a chain with a small medallion or a cross, a thin ringlet and a small ring. That will be quite enough.

Accessories such as knee-highs or leggings, belts (rather narrow, only leather and not too bright), neckerchiefs, ties (yes, girls actively wear them) will complement the image.

Makeup, hairstyle and manicure

Make-up should be as natural as possible, but slightly romantic. Eyelashes can be dyed black or brown ink. It is allowed to slightly lighten the eyelids with a thin line of liner or two noticeable shadows.

Lips should be beige or pale pink. It is advisable not to use blush, you can only emphasize the natural blush. In addition, the skin should be flawless, so use tonal remedies that hide all defects.

Manicure should also be restrained, but feminine.Use shades of pink and the current color "nude". Relevant and french.

The hairdress must be neat and everyday. Light waves, neat tails, braids, bunches are allowed. No protruding curls! Hair should be perfectly clean and neatly arranged. In addition, only natural colors are welcome. And do not forget to cut the tips.

Helpful Tips

Some tips for those who choose preppy style:

  1. In order to look fashionable in preppy style clothes, choose the right size. Things should not be tight-fitting or hanging.
  2. Clothing should not be crumpled, so regularly iron it or choose practically non-crumpling fabrics.
  3. Watch the makeup, it should always be perfect.
  4. It is important to maintain cleanliness, so be sure to wash your clothes, even with minimal soiling.
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