What is harmful instant cereal?

You know, probably, our grandmothers would have come to complete perplexity, if they had been offered to try a quick-cooking dish when they were young. What does this mean and why is it necessary, after all, the preparation of a tasty, rich and useful home-made cereal is at least a small, but still a whole ritual!

Today, in a century of constant speed and employment, people persistently save their time and energy, so they try to pay as little attention to food as the variety of fast food products literally goes off scale.

This and meat semi-finished products, noodles or purees, there are all kinds of porridges, the benefits of which we have known since childhood. But all our knowledge was based on ordinary cereals, but what about products with a “fast cooking” mark?

Perfect breakfast

Instant porridges are on sale for sale, for example, on the packaging you can find the name - "instant porridge". This means that it does not need to be cooked at all, just pour the mixture from the bag with hot boiling water or milk, and a tasty breakfast is completely ready. Convenient, fast and tasty, what else do you need?

There is a second type of “quick” porridge, the process of cooking it takes only 3-5 minutes, which is also, in essence, lightning fast for ordinary cereals.

Most often, they are sold in portion bags, which is also very convenient, sometimes they add dried berries, fruits, or even mushrooms to taste, which is also quite good with such food products. At first glance - solid dignity and no shortcomings, much less harm. But is everything the way producers promise us?

How is it so quick and tasty?

Most people who even a little think about what they still eat, the question immediately arises, how is this effect of speed achieved? In general terms, it looks something like this: the composition of the porridge does not change, but the way it is processed, naturally, becomes more complicated, as a result, we steal the boiled water not by whole grains, but by flakes.

With fruit and nuts delicious

Cereals are also grains, however, they are very flattened, which allows them to actively absorb moisture, and therefore, they also boil dry very quickly. The speed of cooking porridge will depend on the thickness of such a petal (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal or any other).For example, if this is an instant porridge, then the thickness of its flakes should not exceed 0.3-0.5 mm.

It seems to be that such a harmful could be that ordinary grain was taken and flattened? It turns out that everything is not so simple: so that the cooking process is shortened to the stated 3 minutes, the petals undergo additional processing, for example, sometimes they make additional notches, slightly break the fibers, and sometimes even rub them into the smallest powder.

But this process is not limited to, the flakes should be subject to compulsory heat treatment, which, in fact, will turn it into a ready-made semi-finished product.

Advertising promises a lot

Such processing can be done in one of three possible ways: steaming the cereals under high pressure and high temperature, soaking the cereals in boilers with a large amount of water, or processing it with infrared rays.

Of course, the best option is the last one, it takes a little time (less than a minute), and contributes to an increased rapid digestibility of the porridge.

The first two methods require more time, after which the flakes also have to be thoroughly dried. Here again, their moments: if the drying technology is broken, then the finished product is unlikely to resemble the usual porridge, rather, jelly or misunderstood liquid mass.

So what are the disadvantages?

The main disadvantage of fast food products is the absence of most of the vitamins, minerals and compounds that, in fact, should be present there. After a huge amount of processing, through which the instant porridge passes, most of them are simply lost, dissolved and destroyed.

This also applies to healthy fiber, which is just so useful morning oatmeal, among the vitamins to the high temperatures only group B and vitamin E are insensitive, among the minerals - phosphorus, manganese, zinc and magnesium. As you can see, the list is not too impressive.

Better cook

Another problem lies in the additional additives with which their manufacturers diligently fill their products, trying to enrich them with new flavors and the most convincing tastes.

Kashi, which are immediately sold with flavored additives, strongly attract buyers, because the manufacturer assures that these are real pieces of dried berries and fruits. Unfortunately, in most cases, the complex process of processing fruits for them is not affordable, and to heighten the aroma or taste, artificial flavors, colors and other food additives are added to the porridge.

It is worth noting that some manufacturers try to adhere to the full economy, so instead of the declared slices of peaches, apricots and other fruits, they add ordinary apples, processed by special chemical means.

Another argument that clearly does not outweigh in favor of “quick” cereals is a large amount of sugar in them, which quickly helps to get fat, and also contributes to the development of diabetes and heart disease.

But, let's not deny, among the overwhelming majority of modern “fast” products, there are quite good options that can be at least harmless, and at most, useful and even have some advantages.

How to distinguish such porridge from the rest?

How to choose a porridge that will not harm health? First of all, pay attention to the composition: it should not contain a huge amount of chemical additives and incomprehensible elements that you first see in your eyes.

Some manufacturers even solved the problem of lack of nutrients in their products, adding there herbal extracts, for example, chopped burdock root or licorice.There are even special medicinal porridges that are aimed at combating specific diseases, especially gastrointestinal, for example, an ulcer or heartburn.

Carefully choose food and stay healthy!

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