The girl took the usual sheet of newspaper and made herself an incredible manicure

Recently, more and more girls prefer innovations and stylish solutions in manicure. So one Frenchwoman came up with a very interesting way to paint the nails using newspaper sheets and transparent varnish. This kind of nail design creates a bright image that will help you stand out from the crowd.

You will need:

  • newspaper
  • light colored lacquer
  • clear lacquer or fixative
  • alcohol-containing liquid (or nail polish remover)

Getting to nail design:

  1. Cut out 10 pieces of a small size from a newspaper sheet.
  2. Paint the nails with a monochromatic lacquer, let it dry.
  3. Pour alcohol (liquid) into a small container, dip a nail in it for 5-10 seconds and attach a piece of newspaper.
  4. Remove the paper when it dries.
  5. Cover the nail with a clear varnish or latch.

A print translated with alcohol will be slightly pale.Nail polish remover will make the picture brighter, but you need to be careful, because acetone can spoil the varnish.

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