The desire to save. Functional and dysfunctional families

The desire to save. Functional and dysfunctional familiesThe desire to save. Functional and dysfunctional families. If you are a rescuer in your soul, you will definitely find a person to save yourself. To ease your task, go to work in the ambulance service and look for cavaliers among the sick. But seriously, learn to help those people who are really able to help, and in any case do not extend your passion to romantic relationships and dating. Do not save people from the difficulties that they must overcome themselves. Let them be responsible for their lives, and then you will not have to marry a walking problem. If you are characterized by steady code-dependent behavior - ask for help: it must be overcome.


Dysfunctional family. If you grew up in an unhealthy psychological environment, then you have absorbed all the behavioral patterns by which dysfunctional family systems live.As a result, a normal person is not able to fit into your picture of the world. You simply do not notice or are afraid. It's time to reprogram yourself. You need to learn healthy attitudes and behaviors in a safe environment. Such conditions can be found in a small group.


The role of the victim. You are accustomed to meekly accept everything that falls on you. You think that you have no choice in life or in relationships. Wake up and look at reality: you are no longer a child. You have a lot of different opportunities and behaviors. You no longer need to tolerate ill treatment or a person who does not suit you at all.


The wines. If there is a feeling of guilt in your heart, then you will be irresistibly drawn to people who readily shift their guilt to others. They make you feel bad - then your guilt will be justified in your own eyes. Ask for help and work guilt. And you do not need a person who reminds you of your mistakes and shortcomings every day.

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