Cat temperature, what to do?

Alexey Ganzenko
Alexey Ganzenko
March 20, 2013
Cat temperature, what to do?

The mechanism of temperature increase is triggered in case of an imbalance between the process of heat generation (heat production) and the process of returning this heat to the environment (heat transfer). Different factors, both internal and external, can lead to an imbalance.

The cat has a high temperature

This may be due to heat stroke caused by overheating of the body. The temperature in such a situation can reach 41 ° C and more. To provoke an increase in temperature can and penetration into the body of the pathogen. In this case, the temperature increase is a protective-adaptive response. A short-term increase in temperature without any apparent reason is quite likely the result of stress (moving to a country house, changing dwellings, traveling by transport). If the stress factor is excluded, and the temperature is seriously increased - it is time to sound the alarm. Cat temperature, what to do?

The cat has a temperature of 40 ° C.

To begin, you should carefully examine the cat, remember what happened to her in recent days. Perhaps, it will be possible in this way to establish the cause of the rise in temperature, to reveal the signs of a disease. Whatever it was, and a visit to the doctor in this situation does not hurt.

Cat's temperature is above 40 - 41 ° С

The situation requires prompt treatment for medical care. The owner of a sick cat should know that an increase in the body temperature of an animal above 40.5 ° C provokes a loss of its body, fluids, absence or loss of appetite, general depression, and all this accompanied by rapid breathing and palpitations. When the temperature exceeds 41.1 ° C, the body loses fluid critically, there may be threatening disruption of the internal organs and swelling of the brain. Observed:

  • heart rhythm disorder,
  • cardiopalmus,
  • dyspnea,
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea,
  • wheezing
  • yellowing of the mucous membranes of the mouth and conjunctiva of the eyes,
  • hemorrhages on the skin,
  • bleeding from the intestines.

Any of the above complications in the shortest possible time can lead to the death of the cat.

Bring down the temperature

Ice can be put on the inner surface of the thighs and on the neck of the animal, if there is no ice, wet the hair of the sick cat with cool water. Give small portions of the animal to drink. For a more radical treatment is better to contact a specialist.

And yet, many ask how to measure the temperature of the cat? To do this, a little baby cream or vaseline is applied to the tip of the thermometer, after which the thermometer is inserted approximately 2-2.5 cm. Into the rectum of the animal. After three minutes, the thermometer can be removed. By the way, the cat has a low temperature, that is, its normal temperature varies between 38.5-39.5 ° C.

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