The benefits of washing with ice

In the skin cells is collagen, which forms the supporting grid. Its molecules are like a spring. During the life of the collagen cells change their shape: thicken, lose their strength. Over time, defective fibers displace normal ones, which leads to a lack of moisture in the skin and the formation of wrinkles.

Washing with ice slows down this process. The melting point of ice is such that collagen fibers can return to their original state.

How to wash?

If you just hold a piece of ice on the skin, the effect will be invisible. The skin gradually gets used to the procedure. Therefore, it is necessary to move the ice cube across the face continuously. So that the skin does not become supercooled, it is recommended to apply a fat cream on it before starting the procedure. You can finish washing after a persistent flush appears on your face. After that, the skin should dry, apply a nourishing cream.

Contraindications for washing with ice

People with dry skin types may have scaling or irritation.

Ice procedures are prohibited for skin rashes, various infections.

It is recommended to freeze only pure water, mineral or spring water. You can freeze cubes with a decoction of herbs, it is even more useful.

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