The amazing properties of the vitgrass

Whitgrass becomes part of the diet of a large number of people in the world. Its rapid popularity has led to the ability to find a product in any outlets in many countries around the world. It can be bought at the pharmacy, health food store, and even in the vegetable shop. The demand for vitgrass is growing rapidly in our country too. What is a vitgrass?

This is wheatgrass juice, a natural substance with unique qualities. It is produced from crops grown in the most ecologically clean areas. The product ideally complements the balanced nutrition of a modern person seeking to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat natural products. It does not have GMOs and chemicals, with harmful additives for the body.

The number of people carefully and thoughtfully related to the preparation of a diet is increasing, and with it the demand for vitgrass is increasing. Like other organic products, it is easy to purchase.

Frozen sprouts juice offered by the organic market is very useful both in pure form and as a part of cocktails, depending on individual preferences.And the product owes its success to a set of beneficial properties that have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Many diseases are easier when drinking wheat sprout juice, or it is possible to prevent their occurrence by regularly supplementing the menu with cocktails with vitgrass.

What is useful product?

Useful properties of a natural product are many-sided, they are confirmed by reviews of consumers who have personally experienced their positive effects on the body.

  1. Vitgrass promotes an increase in the level of immunity and a significant reduction in the risk of infectious diseases. As a powerful natural energetic, it fills a person with vital energy, which entails an increase in the tone of life and activity level. For athletes and people experiencing increased physical activity - this is a real find. Its use is recommended for other people in moments of particular physical activity.
  2. It is effective for cleaning and renewing blood, as it helps to eliminate toxins with toxins. The product has a powerful cleansing effect on tissues and internal organs, penetrating into the most inaccessible parts of the body, contributing to rejuvenation and restoration of functions.The use of natural substance is felt during the cleaning of the body after treatment with medicines, the intake of alcoholic beverages, and other highly toxic substances.
  3. Participates in the delivery of huge amounts of oxygen, saturating blood cells with them, contributes to the process of blood formation and the restoration of destroyed cells of internal organs. Seventy percent of the composition of the product falls on chlorophyll, which is so lacking in urban areas with an excess of concrete structures and engine exhausts.
  4. Whitgrass - a storehouse of minerals and vitamins. It contains up to one hundred enzymes that are important for the processes of the vital activity of the body. There are also many vitamins (A, B and C). For example, lemon content of vitamin C is several times less. And yet, vitamin B12, which is absent in other products.
  5. Wheat sprouts are subject to slowing the aging process. There are cases of effective action of a substance on cancer tumors with opposition to the growth of cells affected by cancer.
  6. The product is useful in diabetes and its prevention. Stimulating the work of the pancreas, it successfully helps to reduce the risk of a dangerous disease.
  7. Wheat sprouts juice is effective in rinsing the throat and mouth in case of inflammation.
  8. It helps skin regeneration when tightening scars and acne. Compresses with vitgrass are superimposed on the affected areas of the body (burns, ulcers).
  9. Regular intake of the product helps to normalize the microflora and intestinal motility.

Product Manufacturing

Wheat germination and squeezing juice is produced in environmentally friendly conditions using natural and high-quality substances - well, live water and selected wheat varieties. Application in the process of any fertilizer is completely excluded.

Whitgrass is made only from young shoots of wheat, which are not more than ten days.

Otherwise, the value of the product for the body is significantly reduced. Spinning occurs exclusively at low speeds with the use of screw juicers that do not destroy the structure of wheat cells. This moment is of great importance in the production of the product, allowing you to save its healing, cleansing properties.

For long-term preservation, it is frozen. Studies have shown the possibility of a single cycle of freezing and thawing the product without reducing its benefits. The production process takes place in twenty minutes, during which young wheat shoots turn into the freshest juice.

Recommendations for use

Are there any contraindications to the use of vitgrass in food? Harm of the product to health is not detected, but it is possible individual intolerance. Recommended reception vitgrass in the amount of 50 milliliters in the morning, on an empty stomach.

It is worth paying attention to the possibility of a slight deterioration of health after its reception as a response of the body to the beginning of the cleansing process. This may be a sign of excessive slagging. Discomfort disappears when their concentration decreases.

A dose of 100 milliliters is indicated in the presence of indications - large loads (mental and physical), as a therapy. A rational approach to the use of wheatgrass juice will provide only health benefits.


How to grow wheat sprouts on their own and is it possible? The product can be produced on its own at home subject to the observance of the technological process and the availability of a wheat germination kit The set is on sale, or it can be made independently.

And here it is worth mentioning the important technological moment - the low speeds used in production for squeezing juice.In everyday life we ​​use high-speed devices that will significantly reduce the usefulness of the product, quickly grinding young shoots into mush. The cellular structure is broken, the juice will oxidize and lose almost all of its unique properties. Only the use of auger juicers will provide a "real" high quality vitgrass.

Do we know what the body needs? How to understand its needs for providing everything vital for the effective functioning taken from nature? Inclusion in the daily diet vitgrass - a simple and tasty method of recovery, giving health, vigor and longevity.

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