The 73-year-old Lauren Hatton in linen advertising Calvin Klein

Lauren Hatton is one of those women who look good at any age: at 25, and at 73! She graced the cover of Vogue 26 times (which of the modern models can boast the same ?!), was the permanent face of Revlon for ten years and had an affair with the hero Richard Gere in "The American Gigolo" in 1979. At 61, the supermodel agreed to pose nude to prove that each age is beautiful in its own way and modern women do not need to be ashamed of their bodies. And after 10 years, Lauren is back in her underwear, this time in a new Calvin Klein Underwear advertising campaign.

“Calvin Klein or nothing,” says behind the scenes in the video that Sofia Coppola shot. In addition to Lauren Hutton, in a minute video you can see Kirsten Dunst and Rashida Jones (“Parks and recreation areas”). As a bonus, a small video in which the heroines recall the funny and touching moments of their lives. Lauren tells about a brave man who somehow tried to meet her on the street.

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