T-shirt update

In this MC, I want to show how to update, make it more wearable and attractive, a thing that no longer meets our requirements. It often happens that the inscriptions on T-shirts that we like and make to shop, after several washings, are simply simply erased, and it turns out something incomprehensible. It happened to me. But, there is an affordable, uncomplicated and very fast way to fix everything, namely, to decorate a t-shirt with sequins. There are 2 options, you can embroider with sequins an inscription, but if you don’t need it, you can make drastic changes. It’s not so difficult to hide a worn or just annoying inscription. But it will take some time. You will need: • - paillettes to match the color, but it should be slightly different, otherwise the paillettes are just simply merge with a T-shirt; • - scissors; • - a needle; • - threads, preferably synthetic, but it doesn’t matter; • - carcass fabric, even old bows will fit;
• - beads, or pearl beads, fit everything that you have. Instructions
To begin with, follow Em to make flowers from nylon fabric.The technology of their manufacture is simple, and everyone can easily master it. Putting the ribbon along, and having gathered it on one side, as shown in the picture, collect a flower from it, similar to what is in the picture. You don’t have to make flowers in this particular technique; absolutely any flowers will do, preferably, of course, so that they are voluminous, because we are trying to hide it.
 The inscription on the T-shirt
Sew made flowers so that they hide the inscription as much as possible, leaving space between them. So they will look much more organic than stuck close together.
 T-shirt update
Sewing the flowers you can begin to mark the T-shirt. We draw small lines along which sequins will be embroidered. In this case, you can fully surrender to their imagination. It will help you.
 T-shirt update view
Having done everything, having prepared a t-shirt, you can proceed to the most interesting - embroidery. One after another sew sequins close to each other.
 Sewn on a rose
This is where the main work is completed, but you can still conjure,and add some details at your discretion. Sequins attached with beads look very impressive, beads transform all the work, and if you have the desire and patience, you can add them, but I decided to give preference and “scatter” the T-shirt and pearl beads on the sewn flowers.
Update T-shirts do it yourself

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