Swan from a plastic bottle with your hands - photo how to draw

Plastic bottle swan

Plastic bottle swan

The white swan is a symbol of beauty, lightness and grace. These birds adorn the ponds of the most luxurious gardens of the world, because you can endlessly watch, folding wings, proudly arching a long thin neck, slowly floating this royal bird, reflected in the water surface.


If you can’t afford living swans at your own dacha, if the size of the reservoir is not enough or it simply isn’t, you shouldn’t be upset. You have time, desire, imagination and our master class.


We will be able to teach you how to turn useless materials into works of art, you will decorate your garden with unique products from plastic bottles, and your neighbors will only have to envy and ask for advice. Interested? Then let's get down to business.


How to make a swan do it yourself - instruction


Our today's hack will carry not only a decorative, but also a practical meaning, because the bird is a perfectly masked cache-pot. And the more flowers, the more beautiful the garden.


So, we select the necessary materials.For the case itself, you will need several 5-liter canisters, we will fasten the individual parts and give an elegant form with the help of a curved metal rod, and the grid will serve as the basis for the wings. Do not forget to purchase a putty for reliable fasteners. The basis will serve as a canister, from which we cut one of the side walls.


We fall asleep in it sand, so that our future figure would be more stable. Now we bend the rod in the form of a swan neck and insert it into the canister. It remains to putty plastic bottle and we will have a frame for the body.


With the help of putty, we form the neck and we band it with a bandage. Once again, completely blot the figure with a mixture and put a net on the canister. When it is well glued, you can begin to form the wing and tail. After completing the work, we give the product from a plastic bottle to dry well, it will take 2 days.


Plastic bottle swan


We start the finishing work. To paint lay smoothly otshkurim crafts for the garden, and then cover it with a special primer. Now with the help of enamel paint draw feathers, do not forget to draw eyes and beak. Now you can replace the sand with fertile soil, and you can plant flowers.Luxurious swan-pots are ready to decorate your site.


Milk Bottle Swan


Plastic bottle swan

You will get an equally beautiful figure if you use plastic milk bottles to create it. The base is the same as in the previous version - a plastic canister (whole) and a metal rod.


For finishing, we need “feathers”. From each bottle cut off the neck and the bottom, cut them with strips of 3 cm, attach each shape of the pen.


Let's give the “lace” decoration with the feathers in an uncomplicated way: we cut it with fringe and briefly hold it over the flame of a candle. Now let's connect 2-3 feathers and fix them on the body with the help of a wire. To trim the neck, use the cut neck of the bottle.


If desired, several feathers can be attached to them, in this case the neck will be more voluminous. It remains only to form a beak; a bright elongated bottle cap will suit for this, draw eyes and fluff feathers a little. With your own hands, you have made a beautiful sculpture for the garden.

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