Stylish shoe boots in 2018

Comfortable, beautiful and fashionable shoes - one of the fetishes of this woman. After all, such a pair, as well as a beautiful underwear or elegant dress, turn the fair sex into self-confident, proudly walking girls. That is why the saying "shoes do not happen much" is completely justified. Today we will talk about the fashion trends of the coming year. And under our watchful eye were ankle boots.

What promises us a new fashion year?

Ankle boots have become very popular lately. And for good reason. After all, such demi-season footwear favorably emphasizes the beauty of female legs, focusing attention on thin ankles. Love for them has become so common among women that the designers have pleased the fair sex and insulated winter models.

In order to keep up with fashion, we recommend listening to our recommendations for selection, which we painstakingly gathered on the basis of podium shows and presentations of world fashion houses:

Colour.This time designers took care of those who love the classics, and those whom it seems too boring.Black remains in trend, and a leather jacket of the same shade will be the perfect set for ankle boots of this color. You can even afford a total black image, which can be diluted with bright accessories - glasses, a scarf, a handbag.

White and beige shoes look very beautiful and even solemn, because it requires competent selection of the ensemble. She even visually makes walking easier. This year, leather models with perforations are welcome. For such a pair it is better to pick up something romantic and feminine - openwork dresses, wide trousers.

As in the past season, dark gray and blue variants, as well as khaki, continue to be in favor. The cyclical fashion can be traced in the love of designers to brilliant models. Such a hello from the 80s. Therefore, if your life lacks brightness, feel free to choose sparkles and sequins.

The shoes of the spring-summer 2018 season do not have to be monotonous. Original look and combined models with a contrasting heel or sole.

Material.Habitual skin and suede remain popular, but along with them, textiles, in particular, velvet and even latex, also come out on top. Textured materials, such as, for example, reptile skin, are becoming fashionable again.

Velvet looks very aristocratic, because stylists recommend to abandon the usual basic shades and give preference to the royal emerald, cobalt or purple.

Decor.There are no boundaries here - laces, rivets, chains, fringe, buckles and even fur.

Heel.Let's start with the studs. Thin, tall, it is suitable only for those who can confidently not only stand on it, but also move freely. The hairpin is a definite plus for slimness and attractiveness.

For those who need to constantly be on their feet, it is better to pick up shoes with a more comfortable sole, for example, fashionable in 2018, grooved with a wide, stable heel. Even the famous fashion houses Dolce & Gabbana, as well as Louis Vuitton, presented such models in their collections. And do not listen to those who say that such shoes will look rough on women's legs.

If you pick up a pair of "on the way out", then why not slay all of them with an unusual heel on your shoe boots. What at first glance may seem to be related to the style of the freak-trend of the new year.

Young girls will surely like the model of ankle boots on a high platform.Despite the visually large volume, such shoes are quite comfortable and practical.

An option for all occasions and practically unlimited by the age of its owner - shoes in the style of sport-chic on a low run with a flat sole height of 3 cm, decorated with embroidery or prints.

Style.The choice, of course, is yours. But among the “fashionables” there are brutal boots that look like men's shoes (laced up, with a tractor sole and a wide low heel), as well as a model with a wide shaft. The latter look simple at first glance, but they are perfectly combined with clothes of different styles, and provide an opportunity to create many original images.

Fashion is fickle, and it's often impossible to keep up with it. But, as famous actress Katie Holmes says: “Fashion is not just following trends. Fashionable what suits you. ” Therefore, choose what you like and feel like a queen.

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