Stylish knitwear for inspiration: knitting care and tricks

Many years have passed since the choice of goods was limited by a whole bunch of factors. Today, you can buy anything in any city. To a certain extent, this also applies to clothing. Bat-shaped pullovers have always been, are and will be a welcome gift for girls or young women.

Knitting and fashion

Soft comfortable clothes (for example, a nice pullover bat) can be a good decoration for someone who wears it.The main thing - to care for him, so as not to spoil.But here it is worth noting another factor. If you are going to make a gift, it is better to make a little effort and make this very bat with your own hands. Make all the details for this pullover (to complete the sleeve, to create a pattern with needles) is easy if you have a good scheme at your fingertips, which you can find on the website.

Difficulties and knitting: the perfect scheme to start

In order to knit such clothes as a bat, you should prepare for the fact that you will not manage without mistakes on the first attempt.

Its feature is that the sleeve is very unusual and resembles the shape of a wing of a small nocturnal predator. This gives the pullover an absolutely exceptional appearance. Even if you do not remember the wonderful pattern on the front.

Knitting this project is really entertaining. Many people choose pullover bat designs for the following reasons:

  • He is extremely handsome;
  • Knitting sleeves is relatively easy for her;
  • The choice of materials is very wide;
  • The scheme with a pullover bat is very popular and widespread on the Internet;
  • Expressive silhouette (according to the scheme it has wide sleeves).

We start the project

Starting the implementation of the pullover with knitting needles, many stumble upon significant obstacles and make mistakes that can seriously spoil the mood of a positive-minded needlewoman. Do not give up their intentions because of small and minor errors.In the end, 90% of people learn exactly from their mistakes.Half of the women who undertake to make something with knitting needles continue to make various blots even at the tenth undertaking. But this does not mean that a pullover bat, made not by all the rules, will be less desirable for the person to whom it is intended as a gift.However, this does not mean that when knitting with knitting needles you should not strive to do as well as possible (especially when you knit a sleeve).

There are a whole bunch of variations of bat clothes. Should start with simple. After you practice practicing the individual elements (sleeve, pattern, back, decorative elements) on simple models, it will be much easier for you to take on a lot of work. Of course, even the simplest undertaking with knitting requires laborious and hard work from you, but it's worth it anyway.

Easy knitting

Before taking on the schemes, it should be noted several points:

  • It makes no sense to insist on a certain yarn - too often it happens that a certain kind of yarn does not turn up in the corresponding store, and you have to be content with what the seller advises you;
  • Carefully read the instructions - because of one incomprehensible detail in the instructions, the entire instruction will become incomprehensible, which will greatly complicate all the work;
  • Be careful when you knit a sleeve;
  • Do not go for schemes that you do not like;
  • The instructions contain information only for one size (for another size, the information is given in brackets);
  • Create a sample measuring one square decimeter, make a template model of cardboard, count the number of loops, compare the resulting data with the instructions of the instruction;
  • Do not throw away or dissolve the resulting pattern - you may need to check the density of knitting at some point in time;
  • The silhouette of this jacket is very wide, remember this.

Little tricks

Also, do not forget about some tricks that will greatly facilitate your work with a pullover:

  • If your hands get tired too quickly, then use circular needles for work.
  • Be sure to measure the sleeve from the wrist to the shoulder, perform this operation with the second sleeve;
  • This scheme does not use multi-colored yarn, but if you want to improvise, then make sure to use a specific ring or thimble so that the threads do not bend;
  • Get colored tips for the needles to work on the pattern - such simple things will not let the spokes slip off;
  • Choose simple rectangular patterns for a pullover;
  • In order to make a pullover longer, you can knit so-called knitting needles. yoke.

Knit pattern

Linking a good pattern will not be easy.It is at this stage of work that true mastery is determined. If the knitting pattern will pass with serious errors, then this will inevitably affect the final result of your work. The pattern is the hardest part of a pullover, which means that the master must devote more time to this stage than the rest.

We will need:

  • 18 ounces of yarn. Color - yellow or the color of your choice;
  • 1 pr. Plastic knitting needles number 8;
  • 1 pr. Wooden needles knitting number 11;
  • 4 pearl buttons.

We dry sleeves, we put everything together

Parts must be gently straightened and slightly moistened (the right and left sleeves can be folded separately before you put everything together). After they are naturally dried (in any case, do not use devices like hair dryers, heaters, dryers and others).If drying proceeds naturally, the finished parts will be the same size (the sleeves will be the same length and width).In addition to the composition of materials, there is a huge variety of patterns and rules for knitting a sweater, sweater or pullover. All these schemes you can easily and quickly find on the site. Depending on the preferences of women, the bat pullover can be performed in a variety of colors.But in order to meet current fashion trends, the pullover must be made of wooly and soft yarn. The preferred color is soft and bed tones. Such a choice of yarn will provide the bat pullover with the desired volume.

Your friends, acquaintances and relatives will be incredibly fascinated by what beautiful and wonderful clothes you could create with your own hands.Do not be discouraged if something went wrong at the very beginning or at the final stage.Anyway, next time you will definitely achieve perfection in knitting.

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