Stylish haircuts for medium length hair

Haircuts that require a minimum of styling

Sessun was invented in the 60s, and today it has acquired some changes. Its feature is in the technique of cutting: graduation. During the haircut, the hairdresser strictly performs the cut angle and also maintains the height of the strands. Sessun is a complicated haircut, therefore only a high-class master can perform it correctly. Due to the fact that the cut hair is done at a certain angle, the ends of the hair are bent inward themselves: additional styling is not required. This is the main advantage of cutting sesuns. After shampooing, you just need to dry your hair, shake your head, and the curls will lie in the right direction. Besides hairstyle Cessun voluminous.
Classic Cessun haircut starts from the middle of the ear and goes down to the shoulders. It can always be recognized by its rounded contour.
Another interesting haircut for medium-length hair - a wolf.Outwardly, it resembles the head of hair of the beast. Strands sticking out in all directions is the main feature of such a haircut. Even on the back of the head barber cuts strands. This haircut gives volume to thin and weak hair, and therefore looks a bit playful. Haircut is perfect for girls who do not want to spend on styling a lot of time. On its basis, also performed a variety of different hairstyles.

Trend 2014 - simplicity and multi-layered

Traditionally, the basis for haircuts on medium hair is, of course, a bob. In the fashion of 2014, simplicity and layering. A square on straight hair with an even cut allows experiments with various types of styling. Stylists are advised not to get involved in straight strands, but to turn them into light waves and curls with the help of various curling tools.
Along with the square, the ladder and the cascade do not go out of fashion. After all, the main characteristic of these haircuts is layering. These two options are very similar. And especially they are relevant for those whose hair does not differ in pomp and volume. If the hair is also toned or highlights, then the volume will be greater due to the alternation of light and dark strands.
Ladder and cascade look good on hair of medium length. Moreover, these haircuts can be performed on both straight and curly hair. Classical ladder involves the separation of hair into strands and cutting adjacent strands in such a way that each next was slightly longer than the previous one. But the cascade is considered more complex in technical performance. The locks at the temples are shorter, the lower ones are longer; As a result, the face looks framed by strands of hair of different lengths. With a haircut cascade and a ladder you can do real miracles, significantly altering the hairstyle with the help of various styling.
Stylish haircuts are often complemented by unconventional bangs. With this unusual bangs, you can easily transform the image. She will like the one who has long dreamed of changing the image. Oblique bangs will add mischief and a little recklessness. It can be up to the eyelashes. Although often these bangs fall below the chin.
It is noteworthy that oblique bangs fit almost any type of face: oval, square, round. It is with such a bang that the proportions of the face are balanced.Therefore, each girl will be able to choose exactly the option that will best suit the shape of the face. However, it is worth noting that oblique bangs do not fit well with curly hair.

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