Stewardess - a profession that you have been dreaming about since childhood

All of us since childhood are familiar with the image of an attractive and ready at any moment to come to the aid of flight attendants. And some even dreamed of mastering such a profession. Is it possible to become a stewardess? And what you need to do?

What does the stewardess do?

Prestigious profession

Many people think that the stewardess is the service staff. In fact, such people really serve the passengers on the plane. But there are some other responsibilities:

  • Stewardesses greet passengers on board, help them to stay and escort them.
  • Ensuring safety on board the aircraft: inspection of the space for the presence of suspicious or foreign objects, troubleshooting, and monitoring the behavior of passengers. In the event of a threat, the stewardess must immediately and immediately inform the pilot or take the necessary measures on their own, if possible.
  • Control of the sanitary condition of the aircraft, as well as some indicators, for example, assessment of humidity, temperature, pressure.
  • Flight attendants should know the rules for the use of protective equipment and rescue, as well as to tell these rules to passengers. Before departure, staff must assess the condition and health of such facilities, as well as prepare the board for departure.
  • Distribution of food and drinks, as well as the issuance, reception and distribution of kitchen and pantry inventory.
  • Also, flight attendants must understand the design of various models of aircraft and know some of the features of the structure.
  • Such employees should be able to use some devices on board the aircraft (for example, communication devices).
  • The list of duties also includes the provision of first aid to passengers. Stewardesses should know the features of some serious diseases (asthma, diabetes) and be able to help the patient.
  • It is worth noting that all changes and threats to flight attendants should respond quickly and calmly. At the same time, it is extremely important not only not to show one's excitement, but also to calm all passengers. Panic on board is unacceptable.

Who can become a flight attendant?

Here are the requirements for stewardesses:

  • Appearance should be pleasant, but not necessarily model. Explicit defects are not allowed.
  • The optimal age is 18-30 years.
  • The height of the girl should not be below 158-160 centimeters, but it can not exceed 175-180 centimeters.
  • Weight should be proportionate to height.
  • Acceptable clothing sizes: 42nd, 44th, 46th, sometimes 48th.
  • Be sure to good health. No serious chronic diseases in the flight attendant should not be, health problems will interfere with work.
  • Some airlines require a diploma of completed higher education.
  • Foreign languages ​​also need to be known, but only if you plan to serve aircraft operating international flights. But in most airlines, in any case, knowledge of spoken English is required.
  • Sociability, politeness, competent speech.
  • The stewardess should be able to swim.
  • The presence of a passport. If you still do not have it, then begin to process this document.
  • Mandatory requirement - no criminal record and problems with the law.
  • It is unacceptable to have tattoos or piercings in prominent places.

It is worth noting that in different airlines requirements may be different, so learn everything in advance.

Where to go to study? How is the training?

So how to become a flight attendant? First of all, you need to choose a place in which you will be studying, because you will not be accepted without a certificate of completion of the courses on board. Each major airline has a school of conductors at its base. In some, training is free of charge, but with the condition that after the end of the course you will immediately sign a contract with the company and begin to work.

To the exterior there are many requirements

In other schools, tuition is paid, but you will look for a job yourself. The best option is to find out all the companies of the city (or region) that conduct the training, find out the conditions and only then go to study.

Training lasts from 3 to 6 months. You will study the structure of the aircraft, the features of the operation of some of its instruments, the rules for using emergency protective equipment, the rules for first aid and the behavior in certain situations.

In addition, in modern schools there are special simulators, the conditions in which are close to the conditions on the actual aircraft. After training you will have to pass the exam. In case of a successful delivery, you will be assigned the profession of a flight attendant of the 3rd class.

Where to go to work?

To get a job, you will have to pass an interview, on the basis of which management will make a final decision. It is imperative to prepare for this event.Recall everything that you were taught in the course of flight attendants, repeat the material studied.

You will certainly be asked about how you will behave in certain situations. Beforehand, think over all your answers. Speak confidently, clearly, loudly and calmly. Be prepared for the fact that several people will be present at the interview, this should not embarrass you, because the flight attendants are constantly working in a large crowd of people.

You must love the sky

Do not build illusions, as the competition in this industry is very large. The contest is about 5-15 people per seat. It is better to submit a resume and be interviewed at once in several companies, and then decide exactly where to go.

To improve qualifications and get the position of second-class flight attendant, you need to fly a certain number of hours. Typically, this number is 2000 hours, subject to a monthly rate of 70-80 hours.

After another 1000 hours you will be able to obtain the position of flight attendant of the first class, he is the highest. Such employees are in demand and have the opportunity to make international flights on large airliners.

How much pay?

The salary of third-class flight attendants at first will be about 20-25 thousand. At advanced training to the second class the salary will increase to 30 thousand. And first-class flight attendants can earn up to 50-60 thousand a month.

Pros and cons of the profession

Let's list the benefits of the profession:

  • Worthy wages.
  • The opportunity to see the whole world and visit various places.
  • Retirement in 45 years. But after 45 years, flight attendants often get other positions in the airline.
  • This mysterious and romantic profession, which presents a lot of surprises, and also like men.
  • Two holidays per year.

Now we’ll dwell on the disadvantages:

  • Regular business trips and related problems with family and personal life. If you have children, you will not often see them.
  • You will have very little free time.
  • Planning will not work, because at any moment you may be called on a flight.
  • These are huge loads from which health can suffer.
  • The possibility of career growth is practically absent.
  • After 30 years you can be fired.

Now you know about the profession of a stewardess everything.If airplanes and the sky still beckon you, take action, because your dream may come true!

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