Starting point in business

If someone else does not know how the abbreviation of the OGRNP stands for, and what the organization that hides under such letters does, can easily find out with one of the many Internet resources involved in promoting legal literacy of the business environment in Russia. But in order not to torment anyone, this state organization with a multitude of regional offices in all Russian regions is engaged in registering individual entrepreneurs and filing them for tax purposes in local branches of the STI. In essence, we are talking about how to register individual entrepreneurs in order to start legal business activities.


The result of such events will be the receipt by the individual entrepreneur of his individual registration number. In some cases, this number is also called the personal number of the taxpayer, which is also true. The registration procedure in some regions of Russia has its own subtleties. For example, in some regions of Russia, professional lawyers are engaged in registering individual entrepreneurial entities according to a document such as a power of attorney.Among these regions is the entire North Caucasus region, and even our northern capital, the city of St. Petersburg. This is done for the convenience of beginner businessmen themselves. In most cases, before opening their own individual enterprise, they are engaged in other work, and can not lose their time on the passage of all registration procedures, although it is very simple. The procedure for registering a PI is very simple, it is important to fill out the documents correctly, then you need to select the correct OKVED codes (codes with activities), these are encrypted types of entrepreneurial activities that the future entrepreneur plans to do. And at the last stage, decide on the tax regime, very tiny business structures, it is preferable to choose a simplified tax system.

When registering (IP, LLC), as well as in the process of creating and doing business, there are many issues and difficulties associated with the preparation of documents necessary for carrying out activities within the firm of a hired labor. In such cases, the law of the Russian Federation requires an official employment in the IP, using this form of contractual relationship, as the employment contract of the IP, between the contractor and the head of the IP.

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