Spili in all its glory: original ideas that can inspire

The saw cut is a durable eco-friendly material, which is widely used to create the interior. Frames and inserts, original panels and paintings are far from the limit. If desired, you can cut the walls with a saw cut or lay the floors. By the way, this is not all! The spectrum of application of raw wood that is sawn into small fragments is much wider.

It is possible to decorate with a sawn-wood premises of various functionality. Luxury panels, shelves, coasters, paintings flawlessly fit into the interior, give the environment a natural and emphasize the individuality.

On the exterior, saw cuts are no less in demand. There is a place for them on lawns, garden alleys, at registration of an entrance or a recreation area.

From the spills it's easy to make New Year's souvenirs ...

... not even an exception tree.

You can also use cuts to create stylish accessories.

It is also easy to find an application for them when organizing the entertaining part of corporate events. The cuts look as spectacular as a wedding decor.

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