Soapy Trouble

You can not find any cosmetic products on the shelves of our stores. And all of them, according to advertising, are very useful for our body. But, unfortunately, as often happens, advertising does not coincide with reality. And bought soap for moisturizing your hands can simply dry your skin. Whatever happens, you can learn how to make soap yourself. In order to make soap at home we need: 1. 70 grams of soapy bases (here a white base was used); 2. Base oils of wheat germ, almond and rice (you can use any oils that you have available), 3. Fragrance of Coca-Cola; 4. Pigments are blue, yellow and red (you can replace them with food dyes, but in this case you need to take into account that they can mix with each other over time); 5. Form for soap; 6. Dishes for melting the base (make sure that the dishes you have chosen will not be used in the future when cooking); 7. Liquid for removing bubbles (can be replaced with alcohol); 8. And, of course, the most necessary in soap making is the presence of inspiration and fantasy.
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Once all the components of your future soap have been found, you can proceed to the soap making process itself. For starters, you need to chop the soap base finely so that it melts faster. After that, the container with the base must be put in a water bath. To do this, you will need a small pot of water, in which you will then place a container with a base. It is important to make sure that water does not fall on the soap base. As the water heats up, the temperature of the tank will increase, and as a result, the base will melt. In this case, you need to ensure that the base does not boil.
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After the base has melted, you can add a perfume, and base oils (7-10 drops of each of oils).
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In this master class there is a three-color soap, therefore the base should be divided into three equal parts and pigment should be added to each part (3-4 drops are enough) .Now we take the container with the base of blue color and fill it in the soap mold (the shape must first be sprinkled with liquid to remove the bubbles). Soapy Trouble
After the blue base has hardened a bit, pour a yellow base into the mold and then add the remaining red base. Then again, we spray the soap with liquid to remove the bubbles.  Soap alarm Now you should put the form with almost ready soap in the fridge (so your product will cool down faster). After 30-40 minutes soap can be removed from the form.
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Ready soap should be 2-3 days more“ ripe ”in a cool dry place. After which they can be used.
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